SDI health and safety gone mad

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New cock protector when going for a pee!! on a building site!!!!


Fagola Fap says:

Voice of the people

Mick Earp says:

Paul Evans – Somewhere there is a Safety Officer who will see this and think: "Er, that's not such a bad idea" and then fire off a 25 page report about penis infections on UK building sites that nobody will read of course (like those notices you pointed out). He doesn't give a fuck about the infections, he's just interested in justifying his job on the company.

Joki.maguire1969 Maguire says:

pmsl..good gag.fckin h an s shit.i stopped on the sites jst private work now

Zeptre says:

You do realise that is an asthma pump? You put your inhaler in the end that you said you put ya cock in. and then you breath through it :') although they have removed the rubber bit on the end to put your inhaler in. :/

allun13 says:

Sadly, It doesn't surprise me. H&S in the UK just gets in the way of working now. We, in general life as well. Legislate for fekin Idiots…..

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