Safety Solutions: Turns and Tail Swings

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Turns can be dangerous and costly if you don’t take the necessary precautions before and during these maneuvers. They are among the most common type of accident in the school bus and motorcoach industry. In this edition of Safety Solutions, we review turning techniques and tips for avoiding these accidents. For more safety solutions and risk management resources, visit and click on Loss Prevention.

This video and its content are designed to provide general driving and road safety information. It is not intended to be a substitute for real life driver instruction or training. Please know all the variables posed in the real life application of the information provided herein are beyond the scope of this edition of Safety Solutions.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, Protective Insurance Company does not warrant that the information contained herein is free from error or is all inclusive. Protective Insurance Company does not guarantee or accept any legal liability arising from or connected to the adequacy, completeness, accuracy, or appropriateness of the material, and is not responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies obtained from other sources or caused by human error.

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Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

They make it sound super complicated. Just be observant and take your time turning.

claudees says:

Nice video on Turns and Tail Swings. Thanks for sharing on youtube.

Jinisinsane says:

I want to learn how to drive long trucks because I want to live offgrid in an rv. I drove a flatbed once and reversing it was the worst.

Tom Novak says:

I like how he tells you to do something at 8:12 that is illegal in all 57 states. (JK on the # of states.)
As far as I know, you are supposed to complete the left turn in the same lane you started in, unless you are going from a two lane onto a four or more lane roadway. In the latter case you are to ALWAYS complete your turn in the nearest lane NOT the far right lane as suggested in this video.

Johnson Steele says:

ALL buses and motorcoaches should be required by law to have power mirrors which can be adjusted while sitting in the driver's seat. You should not have to keep getting out of the bus to manually adjust your passenger-side mirrors, and you can't always count on someone else to help you either. It should also be mandatory for all diesel-powered school buses to have Jake brakes. There's no excuse. I see school buses all the time smoking their brakes while descending a steep hill. "Gearing down" in an automatic transmission can only do so much. All buses should have engine brakes, whether mechanical or electronic.

Kaliburz says:

This is an interesting video.  But I have to ask if someone got their terms mixed up….

In the video, they call the part of the bus BEHIND the rear axle to the bumper "tail swing".  Now, last I knew, this was commonly refereed to as 'over hang'.

The term 'tail swing' refers to how much of the 'over hang' crosses/off sets into the path/area of sidewalks and other vehicle lanes.

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