Survival Travel Bag

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Sensible Prepper Presents: Survival Travel/EDC Bag. Having the essentials close at hand can mean the difference between life and death or just taking care of everyday needs.

Based on the “Rule of Three’s”.

Maxpedition Jumbo Gear Slinger bag (
First Aid Kit (
EPIK Trauma Kit (
Benchmade Triage Folding Knife (
Burts Bees Lip Balm
Glock Model 26 9mm
Glock extra G17 Magazine
Solar Charger eBoot
Water Bottle: Maxpedition Liberty Bottle (
Water Filter Renovo Trio
Wouxon Ham Radio
Whistle (
Body Glove Ballistic Sunglasses
Light (Torch)
Rite n the Rain pad & Space Pen
Writing Pen & Sharpie
Hand Saw
Multi-Tool (Leatherman Mutt)
Zebra Light Head lamp (
Extra Batteries
Compass/ Map
Survival Kit:
Gear Pod (
Burt Bees Res-Q Ointment
Space Blanket
Mil-issue binding wire
Sewing Kit
Bic Lighter
Signaling Mirror
Duct Tape
Button Compass
Wool Watch Cap
Spool Tool 100ft Paracord
Fire Kit: lighters, Vaseline Cotton Balls, Fire Steel, Freznel Lens, Knife
S.O.S. Life Raft Emergency Bars (3 Day Supply)
Esse Izula fixed Blade Knife (
Pocket References by Thomas Glover (

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Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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Doomsday Lone Wolf says:

I call BS on his kits, most seem like authentic stuff he keeps, but I'm sure some stuff he throws in for marketing purposes. I'm sure a few items he threw in to help promote products from various companies, good idea but keep it real at the same time, cantanbury does the same thing.

Mr. Random says:

Do you get paid by Maxpedition?

Ricardo Hernández says:

why you choose the multitool MUG a lot of tools are for a militar use

Thug Lincoln says:

Do you honestly carry off-body or was that just for the video?

Jody Bessert says:

Great setup. Thanks for sharing!

Francis Thompson says:

3 seconds without common sense !
Lee, Indianapolis

Jeff Hay says:

I just wanted to say that I have just barely found your videos I have enjoy them I'm just now starting my own day pack please keep up the great work you are doing very Informative wish I would have been smarter when I was younger but thank you very much.

alwaysrockn2009 says:

I like your bag of tricks. So many things are in that bag I can't help but wonder how long it took you to find all this gear, how as well, but most importantly how much it all cost. Can you provide a ball- park monetary figure?

Travis E says:

Great Video

Tony P says:

Hey brother, thanks for sharing these videos, been prepping for a good while but, always open to new ideas, methods, materials, products, etc., etc. I always learn a thing or two from watching your vids. One thing I'm serious about is carrying at least a couple of bottles of water that I can attach to my EDC/GHB like this slingbag once I have to start walking, plus some real food (in addition to candy/protein bars) in the bag. Once the SHTF it's no time for getting off your way looking for food or water, get a good head start. I've found that Bumble Bee and other tuna labels make an excellent, filling and satisfying ready to go snack consisting of canned, prepared tuna with at least six small crackers. One of these will take care of your hunger for a bit and provide needed protein if you're walking. The package is sold at Walmart and grocery stores everywhere, cost less than $2 each and I carry two in my bag, enough for a day of trekking back to the homestead. They fit perfectly and are lightweight. Stay safe!

H Frendal says:

I do keep a signaling mirror but mostly because its a mirror, if I get cut in a weird place I can use it to examine the cut. But, I have heard that the small signaling mirrors really are no good, pure math tells me that this might be true as well. What are your view on signaling mirror size? (do not answer "its better than nothing" please)

A Arte Não Pode Morrer says:

Excelent video. I love your channel. For me is the best and I Always learn much. Hugs from Brazil.

Todd W says:

Finally! Finally! Someone gets around to mentioning the fact that while it may be great to have vhf/uhf communications gear in with all your preps, there is the obvious requirement that operations on Ham Radio frequencies does in fact require a valid FCC license. Lots of great prepping videos online and this channel provides some of the best but with so many of those cheap Chinese radio's floating around I honestly think there are those that think that they'd make a great prepping addition without realizing that they operate on ham radio frequencies as well as MUR's, GMRS, etc. Very nice to hear someone mention this! Now of course if there is ever a WROL situation or SHTF crisis of some kind common sense would say that the least of the FCC's problems would be going out into the field to bust illegal radio users. (Not that I'm advocating that unlicensed users push that!) I think that Ham Radio has a serious place in serious prepping so long as people know the licensing rule. As always a huge fan of the videos here on this channel with loads of useful idea's.

sonic97dx says:

how much does this cost?

Doug Johnson says:

sensibleprepper, do you have a preferred firesteel?

Gator Delray Survival says:

I really do enjoy watching all of your videos I have learned so much and I've gained a lot of knowledge now it's putting it to test with training but you've really changed the way that I look at things for the future thank you so much

Rik Regeling says:

I learn,
Thanks for the excellent fair information.

your sincerely,


The smart filipino says:

You should look up dale Atwood he is selling a better version of the paracord cutter thing

Anthony Gomez says:

solar batteries bro. had them use them for 6 years now

Frankie Yates says:

OMG do a night in the forest

Nike Areizaga says:

so when I go camping

Nike Areizaga says:

I like it a lot and want one

Loren Armentrout says:

Very nice bag, but I noticed you flagged yourself with your loaded pistol at least twice, come on sootch, gotta keep ya on your toes

Loner says:

this bag will survive world war 3

Sza says:

Excellent bag. I have one and have been carrying this pack for over 10 years. About the benchmade triage fits better on the opening below the buckle point. The blade is more accessible and it's easy to draw without opening the case (just above the charger carabiner anchor point)

Nice review. Keep posting!!

Nikolai says:

great setup… I'd add toilet paper 😉

Andrei Dutescu says:

Can anyone tell me where I could buy the filter system.

James Opatrny says:

Go ahead and look up the life straw i am so surprised he hasnt show cased it because it really is a good investmant for u survivers out there

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