Surviving a LEECH ATTACK!

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Have you seen the video where Coyote Peterson is EATEN ALIVE by Leeches?!

If not watch it first by clicking here –

In this video Coyote will show you the aftermath of this famous Leech attack and how he dresses his wounds for such a bloody occasion.

Get ready to see some serious first-aid in action on this episode of Dragon Tails!

*As with all wildlife encounters we must insist that the events in this video NEVER be attempted or recreated in any way. Please don’t try this at home.

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DanK MelonZ says:

Dragon tales dragon tailed come along for dragon tales

Loxie Wolf says:

"just as simple as a leech" Me: Simple?!

Eva Bachman says:

you are so cute

Ethan Medeiros says:

Who else is twitching when they see the blood

Emily lathan says:

It looked like it never even hurt

Natalie Rangel says:

I love tmnt it so cool

Sk8 Chic 15 says:

Coyote Peterson I think your the bravest person ever

Sophia Spiropoulos says:

It's crazy how much those bites bled!

Arnie Amatorio says:

kill it with fire!!!

ArsenMineBlox says:

its like shark attack while in water

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