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Courses and Online Classes on OSHA 501, OSHA 511 and OHSAS 18001. Learn about OSHA 10, 30hour, 40hr and HAZWOPER online training for your standards certification requirements


Denise Grundman says:

I called OSHA and they told me to get ahold of Attorney Generals office.I have a home that was built in 1927 the ceiling started to fall in the LR I hired Disaster Masters in Roseville Mi. They did nothing right they didn't give me the safety booklet they didn't even give me a written estimate the contract I only have cause I took a picture of it.I know I should of known then to show them the door.They contained half the LR that the ceiling was falling in very badly because my whole home was covered in plaster dust and I know lead dust was in it also.The would unzip the zipper walk through my home and use the bathroom they even cleaned up to go to lunch in my bathroom I had food poisoning the day they did the ceiling but my husband was home the blower with a thin plaster went on side window we went out side we didn't see anything coming out the room was white they were working in.The foreman dropped off a girl and a guy and they knew nothing about taking down a wet latte plaster ceiling.We have all hard wood floors they laid only plaster it has so many holes my floor had huge dents and scratches.They wore their regular clothes no masks no respiratory safety nothing we let them use to moving blankets so the girl would stop dropping the pieces of ceiling on the floor to no available did that help.They left the door open to the all season porch which held alot of the LR furniture and just walked in and out the front door on the carpet the dust that was on the furniture on porch and on the other half of LR and rest of house was horrid.I called the owner Tyler many times that day complaining why didn't they have masks on and I fired them he said apparently they where not going to be able to please me and he's give my money back.The deposit to start the job was$3000.00 which they still have the ceiling was taken down July 7 1016 I could not breathe well later that night so my husband got a mask from our basement and washed down all the plastic and walls in the area 9 times we took pictures NB of everything the he gently took down the plastic and no one said turn furnace off.It took 10 hrs to clean the room alone let alone the rest of the house.That was ins. money to fix the ceiling the stairway hallway two bedrooms one section of ceiling and the other a section of wall.They used our ladder our moving blanket's which they took and my husband gave the kid like nine blades for the saw because that is how he was taking it down.No misting no nothing the barrier was a joke and containment area for them to leave and come back in the plastic was only put on one side and not the other to make a seal.All of my furniture couch chairs Ottomans you name had white dust just laying on them.So I have to have all that cleaned the floor in the whole first floor done because it is all tied in together plus the new carpet on porch I have to have professionally done cause my machine coukdn't get it all out and the are rug cleaned the big ones cause I had no idea that the dust would escape the work area.My biggest concern was the dust due to in Wyandotte Mi.a chemical plant called Atrofina had a chemical spill a very bad one and we were right there at a estate sale.It smelled like Clorox alot.I ended up with chemical phenomena and within a month I really couldn't breathe they couldn't find anything that could help me and they told me to make my will out talk to my son and get ready to die by Dec.I got lucky a pharmaceutical guy came to my doctors office and he showed them a steroid inhaler Advair the doctors wife brought it to my house and it worked thankfully so that is why I was so concerned about containment and i want to file a complaint agent this company.my name is Denise Grundman I live at 8217 Swan Creek Rd. Newport Mi.48166 my phone #734-586-8716 I want my money and I want to hold them responsible.I still have no ceiling but the roofer finally found where it had been leaking to cause the damage.

ALLA UD DIN Ch. says:


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