Construction Workers React to “Wrecking Ball”

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The 6 Worst Ways to Dump Someone –
Miley Cyrus is breaking hearts… and safety regulations.

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Zom Bee says:

what I like is that it is intelligently goofily funny, and not stupidly goofily funny!!!

Nox Maximus says:

turns out she's not union 😂😂😲

Cris Mathews says:

This is actually sooooo funny. Keep it up guys!

Luis Sebastian says:

Omg this is a pretty good video

HTG Geckos & More says:

that ending just broke me

John Jonson says:

Was that actually Miley Cyrus? Her ass is fat. That ass look good. I didn't expect her ass to look that good

Silvia Schoefer says:

when that guy said "isn't that a simile?" i paused the video and said "no, a simile is…." and went on to recite the exact definition of a simile.
this is what English has done to me.

HamilslutSince1755 says:

i will always click for josh i miss him sm

Derp Fox says:

Construction worker reacts to Work at Home

David Bush says:

This is my new favorite college humor!!! I can't stop laughing while watching 😂

Animelover 9546 says:

Pants would be good

Ben Thompson says:

OK, the !IS! funny.

Ryder Rollman says:

they should actually have construction workers react to that video over on buzzfeed

bcid says:

"is that my sledgehammer!"

dFuZe Visionz says:

it is a simile because simile is when u compare things with like or as so this myley and wrecking ball

Elijah Ross says:

When YouTube glitches and you can skip a 5 second ad😂

Miss Musta says:

Cough Bart Baker Cough

forslin 26 says:

The middle guy is roadhog voice

Trinity Lonoaea says:

Yassss!!! u hector!!!

Angel Of War says:

OHSA would have shut that place down quick

SomeoneFromMars XIX says:

Jesus in his underwear turned me on than miley cyrus completely naked.

patrick abarra says:

bad too bad it's josh's last video

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