Land Rover Transfer Case Sump Upgrade – Installation

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To reduce heat stress on my Land Rover Defender transfer case during periods of heavy offroading, I installed a Global Roamer Transfer case cooling sump. This unit extends the oil capacity by 500ml and adds cooling fins onto the base to increase air cooling of 230 transfer cases. Visit the Global Roamer website for more info.

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Filmed on a Canon HV30 and edited on Avid Liquid 7. Audio recorded by a Rode Videomic. Backing music by Smartsound Software Inc.

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Avner Baruch says:

I am thinking about installing it but I am also a bit concerned because of the closer distance to the exhaust. After installing the cover, it may absorb the heat coming from the exhaust… Was this considered by someone? are there any temp tests "with VS. without" ?

Guilherme Tostes says:

Tks Brett! I've found mine is a different version. Keep up the good job!

Steven S says:

Good job well done thanks. Very helpful.

Guilherme Tostes says:

Hi Bret, I´m a big fan of your vids! Now watching this video again after buying and instaling the same transfer case cooling sump, yours seems like to be mounted up side down… or am I wrong. I´ve mounted mine with the oil sender port facing the front of the vehicle and the Global Roaming mark on the sump body can be read in the right way. Please let me know if I have made it the wrong way. Keep up the good job mate. Regards from Brazil.
Ps.: Sorry for my bad english

SmacSA says:

Do you tow anything heavy in your defender?

mason helle says:

Will you be making any more upgrade videos

John Sharp says:

cheers brett

Michael Nugara says:

Looks like a great product. Just concerned it may get damaged offroad. Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing yet another great vid.

Land Rover Toolbox Videos says:

 I am going to send you a gasket remover.  your poor fingers holding that blade!!!

Matt Baldwin says:

Righton man, yr videos r excellent

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