Top 10 funniest Health and Safety Pictures you will ever see! [Moving up]

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INTRA-SAFE [ ] publishers of customiseable Health & safety Trainer’s Kits.

Adapt the course material to suit your specific risk and needs.
Reproduce as many workbooks and train as many employees as required.


INDUCTOR [Basic H&S Awareness] 2 – 4 hours
Unit Standard No: 259639

HASREP [Health & Safety Reps & Committee] 7 hours
Unit Standard No: 259622

HIRA [Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment] 16 hours
Unit Standard No: 244287

CLAIMTRAC [IOD Claim Management] 7 hours
Unit Standard No 259610

FIRSTRAC * [Level 1 & 2 – 1st Aid & Response] 18 hours

FIRETRAC [Level 1 – Fire & Emergency Planning] 8 hours

SUPERTRAC [Supervisory Management] 16 hours

ACTRAC [Relevant Sections of the Act] 4 hours

ELECTRAC [Basic Awareness] 4 hours

Ken Annandale – CEO : Penny Jones BA FA [UCT] Financial Director
INTRA-SAFE [Pty] Ltd Reg No 2012/139060/07
Not VAT Registered
CELL: 0027 [0] 82 920 8912 [Ken]
CELL: 0027 [0] 82 920 8170 [Penny]


enigmaPL says:

Health and safety is sacrilege to natural selection. Let those who cannot be taught get killed, to make room for someone more intelligent. What we do is implement little pathetic rules in society to keep the stupid and retarded alive, instead of letting happen what is supposed to happen, making those of us who are in possession of common sense get strangled and held back under a ruling system designed by morons for morons.

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