The Effective Health and Safety Software Solution

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An intelligent, flexible, cost effective system

Effective is a centralised, cloud based platform that makes it easier to manage and share compliance data, tasks and actions throughout an entire organisation. The system allows you to quickly create and assign tasks, easily share updates and reports, and monitor the status of all compliance activities at a glance. An intelligent solution, with the flexibility to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Increased Productivity:
Reduce time spent on low value activities with our easy to use management tools.

More Flexibility & Accessibility:
Desktop, laptop, smart phone, in the office, on site – access and input data wherever, whenever.

Affordable & Cost Effective:
Reduced administration, reduced lost time and incidents, lower insurance premiums and more. Typical ROI of 300%+.

Reduced Risk:
Everyone can manage and track their tasks and actions, helping you to manage and reduce risk across your organisation.

Fully Customisable, Fast Implementation:
Unlike the competition we give you the tools to update and modify settings, so a change in workflow does not mean substantial additional costs. We deliver a fast and efficient implementation, typically within 4 – 6 weeks or we can transition you from your existing software with ease.


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