Very Funny Stupid Signs

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The biggest collection of very funny stupid signs on a video on You Tube. It features road signs, billboards and safety signs. I have also allowed more time on the signs with more writing so they can be read easier in the time allowed.


Talking Toys222 says:

I seen the i made it to the fence in 2.8 seconds can you sign before

CastleKingMe says:

I was at a store, there was a sign at the top of some stairs and it said 'Happy Fall!'
(also it was Fall the season)

Jennifer Bekkerus says:

I once saw a sign it said:
For kids of all ages….. up to age 12.
Seriously??? it says all ages!!! 🤣

Joseph Ralph says:

What's so stupid about 2:02

Mr Machine says:

the octopus one is a stinger warning sign, we have them around the beaches here cuz its very warm.
lots of people get stung so

Sans WYD Viacom and more says:

0:34 don't get it

The Diamond Diety says:

Well of COURSE you shouldnt drink that water XP

Manthan Shah says:

There was a sign reading:
"Reading this sign is prohibited by law"

yung nan the trash can says:

what's the song name

james militello says:

Ok let me get something straight I could have been sold to the circus 😧

YouTubeLogotehObjectThingy says:

A N D T H I S T R I A G O N A L S I G N !

The Edition says:

This video is nostalgia for me

Trevor Woo says:

I saw someone post a Do Not Climb Over the Wall sign on Election Day…

ajalae L says:

Do not read this comment!


Dream 90012 says:

that's how I feed my eel

Ashlee Johnson says:

Do not reply to this comment.

Pumpkinlove335 Msp says:

I like the music it reminds me of a circus lol

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