Pan Am B747 San Francisco Accident 1971

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Pan Am Boeing 747-121 reg. N747PA. Accident at SFO 30th July 1971.
The aircraft was badly damaged due to performance miscalculations by the crew.
Digitised from old VHS from the 1970s. Watch the landing sequence footage later in the film.

To read the NTSB report click on the following link:

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Jeff Lebowski says:

Boeing sure builds a tough plane. As for SFO, that airport is cursed.

LivviEquestrian says:

its transported over 80 percent of the human race since its introduction in 1969 yes i would travel on a 747 any day of the week very safe reliable air plane.

G Johnson says:

I used to play golf as a kid at San Mateo Municipal, which sits adjacent to the bay and final approach path for runways 28L and 28R in SFO. Watched those Pan Am flights on final approach daily back then. I wonder what the fate of the pilot's were in the years following. Anybody know?

Tom Servo says:

wow, how lucky for all that the tire fire was put out by the dirt

Darrell Cummings says:

Harrison Ford flew this plane!

Charlie Abbot says:

Amazing that plane held together.

Spawn says:

The only responsibility belongs to two missing dutch children that caused the klm taking off delay. What a fucking destiny!

Friday Harlowe says:

Holy kwap, that was a hard landing lol

Tom Carver says:

I was watching this from the terminal with a TR (Travel Request) awaiting a flight back to Vietnam – on a Pan Am 747…………

dave john says:

Fart , i feel better now 😅

bajwac1 says:

7.22 Where did the lady in the white gown come from?

lyverbird1973 says:

That damage should tap out…

mikemoair says:

a good video for training but what an ugly lesson to learn

Andrew Womble says:

This video would have been an accident attorney's golden ticket to riches.

KP guitarzan says:

that was a fucked up day—–humans are such cunts

joynthis says:

So how 'bout designing lower profile runway lights that are harder for Capt. Clusterfuck to run into and impale people on?

Antti Peltola says:

Every flight on a 747 still feels like a special event to me. 747 gave us affordable intercontinental flights and a level of comfort few planes achieve even today.

Jesus Yepez says:

En el minuto 5:43 me recordó a los rebotes que tuve las primeras veces con Fsx y el 747. XD

f0rn1c0n says:

what a fucking mess

James M says:

There was really no need to do an emergency evacuation of the aircraft.

dave meehan says:

oh….oh, better get maaco.

gk10002000 says:

Interesting.  Almost as bad a hydraulics failure as the Sioux City plane.  Lucky they had some Hydro.  Then after landing, stupid panic and most injuries were caused by going down the slides.  Just relax.  DON"T take your shoes off in an accident!  You don't want to run around in bare feet with metal, shrapnel, etc. all over the ground.  Do fly with laced up sneakers or laced up shoes.  Do NOT fly with barefeet or sandals or flip flops like most people do these days.

hebneh says:

"Please exercise caution as you deplane today…"

coorvahmuch says:

Oh the problem is slides in this situation did not reach the ground should be longer because you can not evacuate all passengers quickly enough and they will have injuries.

John Pifer says:

Real testament to the robustness of the B747 that they even made it into the air after all that damage. And that it didn't come apart after that bounce on landing.

avro549B says:

That's 45 years ago! Most of today's Air Transport industry would have been somewhere between in school and in utero at the time.

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