Safe Dog Safety Tip: CPR

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PET CPR GUIDELINES HAVE CHANGED – CLICK HERE FOR MY BRAND NEW PET CPR VID! | Dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro demonstrates how to perform Pet CPR on a training mannikin. For more info visit – thanks and woof!


Pastel Umbreon says:

just as a recommendation shouldn't you squeeze the region between the abdomen and hind legs just so the dog would have better circulation and would have a lesser chance of getting paralysis?

slimcobra says:

i thought it was real at first

Kimberly Segre says:

question?…..when blowing air into the dog, do you put your mouth over the dogs mouth and nose or just over his nose? please reply….thanks

AiredaleTerriers says:

Good info!

Now, in the city San Diego California Rattlesnake training avoidance for dogs has been banned. Check this video out about it:

Jade Carey says:

Hi Melanie L Monterio,

I just wanted to let you know that your CPR demonstration video brought back my jack russell dog twice after having several seizures. Unfortunately he didn't make it and passed away last Monday night. Your video gave him the chance to live and we couldn't be more thankful. I want to acknowledge you and your work and thank you for reinforcing the importance of first aid/CRP.

I encourage all dog owners to watch this video and share it with others. You never know when you might need it, as we learnt.

Thank you with the bottom of our hearts, we will be forever grateful.

Jade, Adam and family xx

Phelia xoxo says:

I thought it was a real dog at first, and I was like "Don't just sit there and make a video about it!"

De_Dutch101 says:

Your dog is really well trained! My dog won't even sit up straight for 3 seconds!

Jack Simonson says:

I think the dog is dead

Angel Ferrara says:

Great video! Thanks!

3cpeter says:

Hi, thanks for a great video with lots of good advice. I only have experience with humans and I have two questions, I hope you'll answer.
First: is a dogs heart rate faster than a human since the fast compression rate?
Second: is the reason for the first five breath because its most common for dogs to pass out do to hypoxi? If not, wouldn't you prioritize activate the heart over breathing in air?
Thanks in advance 🙂

Carl Minez says:

This could save a life. Important stuff.

tomi antonio says:

me gustaria ser ese perro

Greyhound Swag says:

My dog is 16 years old. He's a beagle mix, and is a medium-ish large dog. I looked this up in case something ever happened to him. Should I attempt CPR even when he's at the age where he could possibly die?Would this save him? Would CPR work on a old dog? I'm scared… Even though he's in AMAZING health (he still sprints around the yard and can jump into the back of a truck) I just wanna be safe, because I love him with all my heart.

Mandy says:

I thought it was a real dog just good at acting lol

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