Help Shawn The Train teach the car about traffic signs! (Learn Traffic Signs for Children)

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Enjoy this educational cartoon which shows Shawn The Train helping a car learn traffic signs. While learning about traffic signs, the car will meet a diesel train named Donald. The car will also learn to pull over when a fire truck is coming, stop at a red light, stop when a school bus is loading or unloading and will try to learn how to drive safely when passing a construction site!

Your child will see objects like traffic signs, traffic lights, railroad crossing signs, cars, trains, a fire truck, a school bus and construction trucks. Your child will love it!


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Elizabeth Cortes says:

donald is there

Vins Puga says:

That The Car cannot driving fast she is very slow than A Driving fast like Euro 4 that is not very good Happy New Year!

SuperDuckman24 says:

Okay seriously, what is the song between 0:102:45 & from 4:347:11 its super catchy and I really want to know the name of it.

Arizona Alliance Traffic Survival School says:

Sharing videos with children is an excellent way to help them understand more about traffic safety as they grow. Traffic survival is a must in the modern world in which live.

Lumenignisism says:

I mean traffic lights… am I right?

Ashwin Kumar says:

love theseepisodes

Annapurna Reddy says:

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Wirza says:

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katsmith1990 says:

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Eugene Wang says:



Goryo Angelboy says:


Conman Epicness says:


rip car never forget

Siddhant sharma says:

hey coilbook, i want to ask how you made that video? i mean in which programming language? i have a project similiar to this, so can you please help me.

GigaDestromon says:

My cat brought me here

Isamar Hernandez says:

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