Top 10 funniest Health & Safety Pictures you will ever see!

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Some days we all do stupid things at work, but these pictures take the stupid to a whole new level.


LoseBellyFatFast says:

awesome video. Nice work. Acquire a lot of knowledge from this video.

Suraya says:

this video isn't funny, it's sad to see people doing that to themselves

The House of Jokes says:

Your youtube video seems to be really first-class. I will come again to view several more of them real soon.

ilusions4 says:

"Dreamscape (Remastered)" by 009 Sound System (iTunes)

Kai Nicholls says:

Thank you, I really loved this video. I look forward to others from you. Feel free to contact me to discuss more

bud ekins says:


Tone Cray says:

Health and safety UK cause millions of people to become unemployed. They are all c u nt  s 

Dan Silverman says:

So you should care about the health and safety of your employees, safety is an investment, if you get one accident you could be out of business, you should know this if you run a construction company, one of the more highly inspected industries by OSHA

martin jeffery says:

was that a little difficult for your brainwashed corporate head to understand ,an act is only for public employees it is only given the force of law when consented to by the governed
so you are one of the people who strangle business with rules and regs that are neither wanted nor needed
the amount of regulations imposed illegally by governing bodies that's adds so much upfront cost ratios that projects become unviable to do
you see I run a construction company and consider most of this crap

Dan Silverman says:

as a safety manager for a general contractor who deals with OSHA every day, i can tell you firsthand you are 100% wrong. good thing i could see the comment you posted originally. you thought OSHA only applied to government employees, that right there made you lose any and all credibility. OSHA covers 99.9% of workplaces in the U.S. doesn't matter if you work for the government or not. OSHA is the law.

martin jeffery says:

no honestly though it has done a tiny bit of good here and there but on the whole it has made stupid people out of the most inteligent

martin jeffery says:

yes really its only because the stupid ones are dead that's all,and your to dumb to know that an act is not law so it does not matter it only covers government employees and im not one of them

Dan Silverman says:

apparently youre too dumb too realize that the OSH Act has dramatically reduces workplace fatalities since it was implemented

martin jeffery says:

the funniest health and safety read in the world to date is the health and safety at work act 1974 ect
its a pure ass covering exercise for corperations to stitch up workers

Boris Mironov says:

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Astrologyliegothwar3 says:

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Dabombster342 says:

Boooooorrrrring next time when you do a funny video acually make it funny

Enelition532 says:

@sjgambrill, I don't think that was his idea either…

shortstackfan4eva says:

Well my father said he saw the best safety picture today.
It was some guy who didn't apply his harness right and in a result when he slipped, his balls shot out like rockets out of his skin,
The photo was of the moment where his balls shot through.

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