Total Safety Confined Space

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Total Safety — The Best Minds in the Business. This video demonstrates proper procedures for confined space entry. For more information, or for help with your confined space and gas detection needs, please visit



Nice Presentation.Concept cleared.

Noureddine Nouredine says:

the vent lines is most important. Before internal entry ( 24 hours ) , must be the manhole and the vent line kept open in atmosphere. 

Dick Ajealamonia says:

this video is direct to the point ans also very educative

Yaghoube Moustapha says:

its very important video and meny workers know that total realy always care abaout safety that why they minumises accedents or eleminate

Ramesh Tamarapalli says:

its realy good safety video

ElDylanos says:

Shouldn't that guy go in AFTER it's been ventilated? great video though!

MrSarathRajan says:

The presentation is realy good

James Tenn says:

This is an excellent presentation of a confined space and the regulations that are in place to protect the workers.I think it's interesting that an outside attendant must be in direct line of sight with the worker who is in the confined space.

Dadang R .Thiar says:

It's interesting and useful , thanks.


10x a lot it really helps

Muhammad Rashid Bin Nawaz says:

thanks for uploading these 3D videos for workers or students its help to improve … thanks

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