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We want you to know that NEBOSH is one of the qualifications that you need to get ahead in the safety industry. NEBOSH qualifications are widely known to people in the safety industry.

Transcribe of this Video

Hi Guys This is Raj from Safety Experts Academy

I’m sure you guys out there being challenge , your working, your trying to provide to your family and the same time it is very hard you don’t have time opportunity to your self

You do, you want to fail the exam because it is how worth money as well as the time , because I see a lot of people taking exam

The first things your going to do any exam and in passing the exam

The people who are unsuccessful they always say they don’t know how to do it and just stop and give up. They fail before taking the exam and because they assume that they don’t know . The successful people the other hand they don’t know something they go find out and they going to read and understand . Dont know , ask and how they do it. They digest and so the difference successful and unsuccessful people. The person who doesn’t know stop is unsuccessful and the person who doesn’t know and go to find out become successful

The second thing to understand unsuccessful people, when they think of certain things , I dont have the money for e-learning and the time to study and they stop. The successful people the same both at you but they took a chance and can make time . Go something else and go study and make that time. Dont invest the money , invest first and invest your cost . Make your effort and do it Dont get assume and you always be there . Now its turn to put yourself in the advance position . Make it happen

The last thing you need; Unsuccessful says that I am not a smart and I cant do that . I am not type kind of person and stop. The successful people they find clue make them good in that and become someone good at that . They just dont they stop . The successful people , know the secret . And hope you improve .

The next thing that you need to understand are the Keys to success

Heart and Hard work- You need to have the dedication to go through . You want to achieve something have heart and put in the hard work

You need to be OPEN live give you lesson everywhere and does your mentor and teachers everywhere and open enough to find out . You need to be open enough

You need to LISTEN . When someone taking to you or training you When someone outside is trying to show you the ladder listen , give them sometime . Listen to them and what they have to say .. How they can help you advance your career.

You need to FOCUS. A lot of time people be are unproductive because at work they thinking about play and where at play . They thinking and I done something and ask what am I’m doing . so neither they working well or playing well. So at work and studying for exam . Studies and don’t be distracted by friends , work and don’t do anything else.

MINDSET – you got to have a positive mind set and here is the thing I learn. even you fail fail forward , you need to have a mind set in a positive way . Just get it done and get time to study . I need time to study. Have a positive mind set

ASK don’t ask the people . ask people who has been there and ask people how do I get there \what do I need to do . how do I need to overcome this situation ASK they realize they answers . When ASK they give you on what to do and the priority .

This are the way that you can pass your exam and made that investment . Dont waste that money . Your family is waiting for your success.

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yasir anwar says:

Very nice sir

Eduguruz Tech says:

HELLO SIR, i am planning to do safety course, after finishing up my B.E(mech) in coming june. but i am confuse which is better OHSAS 18001 OR NEBOSH IGC, PLEASE help me difference and better FOR ME.

Bourne Vengeance says:

This is not Just specific to NEBOSH, however if you do apply what this man is saying to your course then you will most defiantly in most cases pass…. Just a couple of things to add, a Nebosh course will take over your life in every way imaginable, but it'll more than pay off once you pass…and what ever you do never give up, you will have off days and get tired of studying, just take a day or two off and start again with a fresh mind, Good Luck everyone!

naved sayed says:

Where's the audio

Gurmeet Singh says:

key to sucess

Sajjad Shaik says:

Sir can you please give me a suggestions on doing nebosh international diploma so i can upgrade myself as i was done IGC two years before. your help will be appreciated & useful as well

Sajjad Shaik says:

Thanks for videos

Sami Raza Khan says:

thank you for the video sir

Nazia Don says:

U really suck man……..
Whats there to help someone pass it………
sorry to say but this is no help……


Thanks for the lesson, Sir

Sharukh Khan says:

thak u sir……for this good videos and it's motivate the student who don't have proper mind set ……good work sir

Deepak Patil says:

Dear Sir, Appreciated your efforts.Thanks for sharing your motivated thoughts.

faheem khan says:

thank you sir for this listen

James Viloan says:

thank you sir for this video. God bless

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