INSANELY FUNNY forklift fail complition!

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Some nice forklift truck fails!
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The Happy Family says:

I love when these videos have shit-ass music in them. I really don't think I could enjoy these clips without shit-ass music in them.

Greger Andersson says:

Can hear some Sick Laughs….

Richard Yuan says:

omg these people are so stupid! do they not know physics!!!!

Christ vega says:

Me when I get an F and me a 🤓

Luis Perez says:

3:17 they set him up for failure 😭😂😂

Walter Soares says:

👍🏼 for the laugh

MeAndAlanya says:

Perhaps a forklift certificate can help if they have brains enough for it !!!

manuel meza says:

funny ass laugh on last video.

Nurul Anwar says:

Destroyed with fun

Travis Johnson says:

2:20 a MANLIFT is different hen a FORKLIFT

Alekxious Diaz says:

I had to watch this video cause I just recently just got forklift certified lol

Fighterpilot555 says:

Klaus Wercek would be proud

Nicholas Mcintyre says:

that last one man😂 good thing his spotter told him to put his seat belt on😂

Jeff Hunter says:

heya my name is jeffNICE TO MEET YOU! – i make cool videos.

Jesus Christ says:

Just that laugh did it for me.

Steve Etzkorn says:

I'd love to work with these guys toward the end at 3:00. They know how to have a laugh. lol

Daniel _ says:


Joshua Bloom says:

I run a lift every day. This actually triggered me. GG 10/10

NatBornKillr says:

what a bunch of idiots, 10 years as an operator never had a single accident, safety is the main priority. This is why you dont hand over machinery to untrained and inexperienced employees.

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