Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover)

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We’re First Aid Kit and we’re a sisters-duo from Sweden. In the summer of 2008 we did this cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes.


We went out in the forest this morning and recorded this cover of the wonderful song “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes, our favourite band right now. We saw them live this weekend in Sweden and it was absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to see them live don’t hesitate for a second!

Our debut album “The Big Black & The Blue” is out now!!
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hej hej says:

2017 and I'm still watching this and lovin it

Boris Gavrilov says:

thank you so much for uploading this. It goes straight to my f…ing soul

marhahering says:

i love how she stares her sister in the beginning of the video.

MrBurgundy76 says:

Did anybody watch this way back in the day? I remember watching and thinking this was a rad cover…I was 19 then, I'm 27 now. Crazy

Vladan C says:

Can't get enough of this 🙂

Astronaut says:

still listening in 2017

mats cedervall says:

Underbart, har sett den ca 100 ggr, Love u girls

Astronaut says:

The second cover in their performance, which I like better than the original. The first one is "fever ray – when i grow up"

Amy Silva says:

I'm sure you made a nearby lumberjack's or Bigfoot's day…

dylanlover83 says:

Ultimate show First Aid Kit and Fleet Foxes.

Papá Olvidado says:

It's Christmas Eve 2016; my nose is broken. No one is here. I'm playing these chords on my guitar; singing the same lyrics. I've got some beers in the fridge. I'm as happy as I'll ever be…

Ben S Hammonds says:

such loveliness in harmony

Charles Messer says:

So beautiful. I've watched this probably a dozen times and I get chills every time.

Flo says:

How have I never seen this….Klara looks exactly the same…Johanna too

luciana z. says:

Por dios.. Que hermoso me encanta.

Lazlo Arcadia says:

wow…they were so young then! And still sounding great.

Ryan Edward Wolf says:

Awesome cover! Love fleet foxes and first aid kit. If you enjoy this, you'll love my new song SoundCloud.com/ryanedwardwolf/ifihadahouse

Simon Stratford says:

Awesome, love it.

Bonifacia Sweetvalley says:

I love this <3

Jasmine Gao says:

omg when the harmony comes in! YALL ARE ANGELS

Jasmine Gao says:

holy soooo beautifullll

Anthony O' Brien says:

Grattis pa fodelsedagen, Happy birthday, Johanna.

Katelynn Snow says:

so beautiful 😍😍😍

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