HazMat Response doing it better 1986

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This clip demonstrates a better (but not perfect) approach to a hazmat incident. It is from the very good 1986 video, First On the Scene, produced by the Chemical Manufacturer’s Association (CMA) for training first responders to the scene of hazardous materials incidents. This video was widely used in early Hazwoper training classes. A second posted clip, HazMat Response doing it wrong 1986, shows the same incident approached with little regard for the hazardous materials


Julix says:

Nowadays if a cop tells you to stay and you sneak around his back you get knocked the fuck out with a taser…

Owl says:

the cop doesent look like its not a big deal

markdcatlin says:

Yes, I'll try to post that this weekend. Glad you remember this film!

Anaheimfan says:

Mark, do you have the other half of this video with the tanker truck collision?

vlasktom says:

UN 1263 3 Paint-related materials including paint, lacquer, enamel, stain, shellac solutions, varnish, polish, liquid filler, and liquid lacquer base, or paint related material including paint thinning, drying, removing, or reducing compound.

UN 1830 8 Sulfuric acid with more than 51 percent acid.

Are you even allowed to carry a class 3 and a class 8 together anymore?

joek0617 says:

@gmodrules123456789 sulfuric acid

EasyCompany911 says:

@1stAidMEDIC haha yeah it is. Im an EMTB and a medic in the army reserve right now i start paramedic school soon.. then maybe i'll try for Special Forces medic… that is if im crazy enough :P

EasyCompany911 says:

@1stAidMEDIC we always do!

RacknPinion says:

what did he get on him i couldn't hear what he said

Tyler Cannon says:

We watched this on the last night of Hazmat Awareness, which was Thursday night.

wildwasser says:

the police stopped the truck beside the fire hydrant, if it burns they can't get to the hydrant. police car should have backed off to a safer distance, and not allowed him to open the truck.

not perfect but much better than "doing it wrong"

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