Construction Safety and Other Accidents

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DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. I DO NOT own these videos and the sole copyrights rests with their respective company.

This was made for educational purposes and for our group presentation in Construction Safety. It is mainly a compilation of videos about construction safety and other accidents.


BestAndroidGame says:

Instructive and funny videos. Thank you for the video.

TheKeithvidz says:

the opening music is naruto

Kien Phan says:

good vid

KhandrykA says:

the ending was tight

henry surya tengara says:

I love this video, if I may have to work at my company

Ramod Kumar says:

good one………………

Doyle Raizner LLP says:

The video is correct in that it can only take a second for an accident to happen. This is especially true on construction sites where there are building materials, tools, and many other hazards lying around for someone to fall over.

jaypee francisco says:

Maam Safety kpo?

Deepak Talab says:

Thanks for sharing …. very useful…. 

Jun Ng says:

What is with the music in the first few seconds?

Rumar Allan Lincod says:

Very useful and informative

Geetika Sachanandani says:

Nice vid

ИП-Гурский Николай Александрович says:

Особенно порадовал закадровый смех в американских роликах. 

s.alireza Ali says:

this video is very nice and benifit vedeo i use it in safety tool box meeting

Zack Ramon says:

this video sucks dick i fucking hate watching these videos in construction

Mohd Rahimee Abdullah says:

send to me, i need educate my site people , thank you

Joey Jumawan says:

ay sorry po… thx ate…

Kathleen Essie German says:

Thank you :)

Krisana Klueabsuwan says:

It's usefull for me for HSE Training on site

Kathleen Essie German says:

@joey246101 hindi po ako kuya, ate po ako… welcome! good luck and God bless sa'yo :)

Joey Jumawan says:

mapuan ako kuya, at maraming maraming salamat po sa post nyo! laki ng tulong po ito… :D

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