Fire And Safety Forum Quality education in safety courses, safety training, safety diplomas

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The SafestFuture…
Fire and Safety Forum, FSF, is an international association of Safety professionals, born out with a unique vision FSF has become No.1 international safety association delivering industry relevant certified safety professionals.

We integrate activities through Research & Development in advanced technologies and science, and applying to Health Safety Environment Management, hence setting out new safety strategies and standards. Safety education contributions from FSF implements these findings to industries with the help of activities such as corporate safety solutions and safety training focusing to those working in industries following acts like Factories Act as well as students entering to work with any industrial or corporate premises where quality, health, safety and environment protection are moral values

Quality education in safety courses, safety training, safety diplomas. safety certification from Fire and Safety Forum, FSF Safety Courses Diploma Education Institute HSE Collage Fire ,health, Environment & industrial Diploma advanced pg masters safety institute of international association of safety professionals and safety research and development organization.



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