ITS Tactical Trauma Kit Options and Walkthrough

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Join ITS Tactical as Bryan walks through an overview of our lineup of Trauma Kits and Pouches, including our newly released Tallboy kits and pouches developed with Haley Strategic Partners.

For more information and to purchase, click here:

Trauma Kit Options Include:

– EDC Trauma Kit and Pouch – Slim pocket-sized Trauma Kit to treat the leading preventable cause of death according to the TCCC, extremity hemorrhage aka bleeding out.

– Vacuum Sealed ETA Trauma Kits in Fatboy and Tallboy Configurations.

** ETA Trauma Kits are available in Basic, Standard or MIL/LE Only contents. Basic removes the Needle and NPA, Standard includes the Needle and NPA, MIL/LE is exactly the same as the standard but features the green package of Combat Gauze with an X-Ray detectable strip, rather than the standard black package of Combat Gauze. The green package is marked MIL/LE only by the manufacturer. **

– Fatboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch – Designed to fit a vacuum sealed Fatboy ETA Trauma Kit or the loose components for faster access.

– Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch – Designed to fit a vacuum sealed Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit or the loose components for faster access.

For more information and to purchase, click here:


C.R. Medic says:


Terry Pinion says:

its a good kit as for including a tourniquet that would increase the price…its not a big deal to pick up a couple of them separately …

Jimmy Ortiz says:

Do you think I could route it on a 2 inch duty belt?

Rusty Shackleford says:

So…whats your reasoning for not including the mil/leo combat gauze for civilians? 
That policy seems to hurt only civilians…

MrEnzo8604 says:

Seriously overpriced…. 

Blacksmythe says:

I like the original.

Marianne Facultatif says:

Hello, I would like to know if you know a company which sells products to learn to make stitches as in the medical courses.
I know that there are products, looking like the human skin as well as the needles used to make emergency stitches, but I do not know the companies which sell them.
Would you please suggest companies? thank you

MrApple says:

Why do these pouches NOT come with a tourniquet?  

Tom Peel says:

+ITStactical can I recommend the Leatherman medical shears to stock, they are great and have a lot of extra items attached! 

Gear Hound says:

Why is there no OD Green? :(

Wonginism says:

+ITS Tactical Hi awesome kit but can you explain a bit more about international orders and the limitations. 

iReturnV1deotapes says:

looks like a great looking trauma kit, but are the zippers YKK?

Cache Site says:

I wear the Tall-Boy on front of plate carrier to the left (and still have room for 3 double stack HSGI mag pouches; went from 8 to 6 mags on front) – packs everything I need for a VOK – easy to access with either hand – perfect size on carrier, does not hang out or get in the way.  Very Nice to know it is there.  Well worth the money.

Stonehallow says:

Pretty cool getting this stuff to civilians personally have this stuff laying all over my house.

David Asencio says:

Can you please post a video on how to pack the Tall boy kit (items out of bag and in loops) through the webbing as you see in this video? I can't figure it out for my kit.

Wsgalloway says:

Do any of these products have an expiration date? If so how long of a self life?

saltwaterking79 says:

Who can't spell CARRIES…

TheWillManuel says:

One is a blow out kit meant for a single persons life threatening injuries, the EDC is meant to be discreet. As far as a full book, if you carry it you shoud know how to use it. If I had it may way I'd carry a full bag like on my ambulance, but carrying that all day is just too much and will get some awkward stares. But you are right, never feel more prepared than you really are. My personal vehicle kit is much more comprehensive, but I still feel it is never enough, I'm always adding to it.

TheWillManuel says:

Someone who carries a firearm day to day should. It's only logical: if one my be in a gun fight, then one may need to render aid for an immediately life threatening injury for self or another.

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