Nebosh igc1 easiest way to learn

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Mukarram says:

what about igc 2 sir we are in need of ur explanation

waleed kaim khani says:

does any body know his name??

aftab alam says:

thanks a lot sir can u give me same igc 2 and 3


Thank you very much

Anandhu Jayakumar J says:

Sir thank you so much

Raham Said says:

Great sir


Thank you so much sir , after listening to your class i am more confident to clear Igc-1 .

mjabbar khalid says:

can you please do it same thing for igc 2,3

Gaxa Glitz says:

Great Thank you!

A W Khan says:

The best nebosh lecture

A W Khan says:

Can you plz do the same for IGC2 and 3

heart beat says:

i need igc study material please if anyone have it

shaikh nazir says:

Perfect guidelines for a beginner
Thanks a lot

Athul Satheesh says:

i want to know about nebosh and oppertunity im interested and im a bca graduate.

A W Khan says:

Could you plz add a video about igc3 thanks

thamba82 says:

Bro, it's really good for the learners. We are expecting more videos to teach new students. if possible please give a lesson for IGC2.

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