The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo

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As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we’re thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. #airnzhobbit

Special cameos by Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman and Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor. Directed by Taika Waititi.

Check out the Air New Zealand Facebook page to see behind the scenes pics from ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’ and see firsthand Hollywood stars on the set of Middle-earth including Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman, John Rhys-Davies (as Gimli) and New Zealand’s own Sir Peter Jackson.

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Lela Aukes says:

After 25 years flying for KLM and now doing TV comercials I think this is the best yet !!!! Congratulations.

craney_blu says:

2:02 elven ipad…

The Rook says:

Does anyone else just want to shank Elijah Wood with a rusty spork?

Daniel Vicaretti says:

Best Safety Video of all aircraft in the universe! Go Air New Zealand! Heads up coming from Australia! :)

Babas Samudera Hafwandi says:

The Most Epic Safety Video I Ever Seen

vv 27 says:

OMG I love this

JonatasMonte says:

Poor Elijah Wood.

William Viliamu says:

James Corden looks so young

SmolTrashCan says:

I'm really proud to be a kiwi rn ^-^

Sand Castle 112 says:

epic ! why it is so epic !!!

william15818 says:

creoso is a welsh word

Patrik Vesely says:

What sountracks?

limesquared says:

This. Is. brilliant.

Matthew Morison says:

1:40 is that Taika Waititi??

Roy Zhu says:

I was wondering, what is the price of one business premier ticket to The Shire? Is there wifi onboard? What are the chances of getting attacked by orcs?

Silver Chow says:


Music Good says:

It's the coolest safety video I've ever seen 😂😍

Payador Perseguido says:

fucking new zeland, man

Myron 0510 says:

SylveTer McCoy!?!?!

Jale Jale Cikajang says:

My favourite safety video eveeeeeer!!!!!

krezolica says:

I wanna see Final destination version haha

OldFliersGroup says:

Air NZ and Sir Peter Jackson. Magic.

Arhas Lopata says:

Those dwarves are a little taller than usual. I'm joking, it doesn't matter, this comercial is epic.

Ahmar Saeed says:

Another reason to move to New Zealand!

CryMoore PLAYZ says:

What – The – Hell

corsin rietberger says:

it would be much easier, to fly to the mount doom^^

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