Confined spaces: deadly spaces

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This video is designed for municipal workers and illustrates the basic rules for working in confined spaces. Oxygen deficiency and other potential dangers are covered. In addition, the health effects and physical characteristics of toxic gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, and methane are examined.


John Yahya says:

Tough, Waterproof, USA Made: Hydrogen Sulfide Detector, Meter & Monitor – H2S Detector, Sensor (H2S Inspector by Sensorcon) wearing one may help

Byron Chen says:

6:50 and 12:13 I knew I saw Hitachi and Jack type stabilizer backhoe loaders when I was 5! But what I can't understand is why the backhoe loaders with jack stabilizers don't appear here anymore. Like, CASE made a new T series backhoe and it has jack stabilizers. But why is it not being sold here in Vancouver? :/

Adam Horton says:

Was 6:58 warning us of other deadly spaces?

BenjaminGoose says:

I watched up to about 1:20 and it told me everything I needed to know so I stopped watching! :)

anemometers says:

Watched it the whole way through. Good into to confined space gas safety training

Agent0Fluffy says:

They used Mario!

Jeremy Boldt says:

the 5 people who dislike this video are dead because of entering a confined space…

Chacina Brava says:

Not only for firefighters, safety is important for every worker ;)

DisasterRasta says:

your obviously not well trained if you skip all safety measures fucktards

tech951 says:

Sorry Mario but your Oxygen is in another confined space.

betatalk357 says:

9:34. It seems Mario's getting better the next time round!

betatalk357 says:

6:01. Mario made it to the second level, but didn't get to defeat King Koopa 🙁 Oh, well, better luck next time.

betatalk357 says:

3:23. Keep going, Mario! Go clobber King Koopa!

LiquidZ2k says:

Presenter needs to loose the tie. It's a safety hazard =)

Skylar Fidom says:

six feet under? coincedence? I think not!

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