OSHA 10 Hr Construction Course Online Overview — Online OSHA

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The OSHA 10 hour training course, sometimes mentioned as the “10 hr card” program, was created and is mandated to be taken in some states, by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (OSHA). What is important to realize is that within the parameters of this essential safety training course, there are certain attributes that you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with and very well.


Jose Vega says:

es excelente como sepuede buecar cosas a qui mencanta que excista uncitio como este….

Austin Jones says:

Jackass, get a real job! Oh yeah you don't have any skills

Felipe jaime says:

I live un TX and didnt see TX on the list for the need of this card. I still want to get it regardless tho

Taylor Tremor says:


You most certainly do and it is what is referred to as the 10 Hour Completion Card 

Brandon Perkins says:

good idea to wear the hard hat in your own house, makes sense LOL

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