HazMat Response doing it wrong 1986

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This clip demonstrates how NOT to approach a hazmat incident. It is from the very good 1986 video, First On the Scene, produced by the Chemical Manufacturer’s Association (CMA) for training first responders to the scene of hazardous materials incidents. This video was widely used in early Hazwoper training classes. A second posted clip, HazMat Response doing it better 1986, shows the same incident with a better response (but not perfect)


captfxco says:

Remember, this video is staged..it IS NOT a real incident.. it was done by my former dept, Fairfax County FD in northern Virginia as a "What NOT to do" portion of another training video. These are real cops and real firefighters, which is why the acting sucks !  Fairfax was one of the first to jump on board the hazmat train back when haz-mat response was just coming into the mainstream of training.  The other part of this video, "How to do it better" part, can be found here…   HazMat Response doing it better 1986    And also remember, this was 1986..we've come a very long way since then.

Owl says:

i want to be a hazmat when i grow up im only 8 years old

vlasktom says:

Oh, sulfuric acid? well, let's wheel the gurney through that. It wouldn't harm anything. But we gotta be careful of those fumes that we just walked through without a gas mask on

groundpounder761000 says:

well now… that was… dumb

ImACreeperSSSSSS says:

Man, that officer is smart. "You know what, I'm just going to leak a bunch of sulfuric acid onto the streets and the fumes and knock out anyone driving by."

Michael Sones says:

any police officer who reacted like that to a hazmat incident should be a police officer!!!

notafraidoffuture says:

The "dangerous" placard seems to freak everyone out the most. Can there be dangerous reactions from the mixed load? Yes. Are there any table 1 materials? No, not if it is placarded properly. Just a thought.

timal bouqui says:

The police officer should check the Dangerous Goods documentation first before opening the truck door.

Ryan Vickery says:

these safety videos always have such shitty acting, and a lack of common sense….

you are carrying acid, and leaking…. lets just open up this here door and *gasp* leaking acid!

yay its me says:

HOLLY HELL….That was …Nevermind im speechless.

AFFirefighterEMT says:

All I can say is wow… Thank goodness we have come a LONG way from this!

afriendlyleaf says:

It would be easier to count things that were done right there. (nothing)

steveasat2 says:

2:40 – Yep, just drag it straight on through that smoking puddle, guys. That's what ya got shoes for, right?

1982jeepcj8 says:

copometer. The new canary test.

markdcatlin says:

You are right. Hazmat response in the US improved greatly after the passage of SARA and OSHA's HAZWOPER Standard went into effect in the mid 1980s.

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