NEBOSH IGC – Command Words (Action Verbs)

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Guidance & techniques to help you pass NEBOSH IGC exam, for more info:, this video tackles the “Command Words” or “Action Verbs”, one of the main reasons why students fail the NEBOSH certificate exam. Download NEBOSH guidance on Command Words PDF here:

Enjoy your free NEBOSH IGC video from Trainers in T-shirts, the leading NEBOSH IGC exam provider in the Philippines, it’s one of very few (if not the only) videos online tackling IGC in detail. #NeboshPhilippines

Kindly note that the information presented in this video only represents the author’s personal and professional experience, in an attempt to help and to provide guidelines, it does NOT represent NEBOSH in any way, and it does NOT guarantee a pass or fail in anyway, if you have better guidelines plz follow them.

We do realize that we may have missed tons of points, plz feel free to post comments and provide feedback if you see needed. Forgive us all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Always check NEBOSH website for updates, this video may be outdated anytime.

I apologize for the long video, hope it helps.
Thanks and good luck,

Dr. Wessam Atif MD MSc PhD (candidate) GradIOSH
DL Tutor Global Health Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Occupational & Environmental Health & Safety Management systems Consultant
NEBOSH Lead Tutor/Practical Assessor


bhandari sabin says:

Thank you so much dear sir.

Ram Bhandari says:

Thank you Mr. Wassem This is help us alot, and surprisingly tomorrow i have an NEBOSH Exam on IGC ….
this help me to understand alot .

Khan baba says:

Simply Thank you man.

Christoff Lupin says:

Hello sir I'm kinda confusing regarding nebosh, there's igc1 and igc2 are there included in whole nebosh course? Plus I seen a comment on your other video , someone says , i passed my nebosh igc now I'm ready to take my nebosh diploma. This nebosh diploma is different course or exam? Thank you so much

Kayode Etti says:

thank you so much sir

Jabbar HSE says:

Really Important and conceptual Ideas. Now, i understood the proper use of these command words. Thanks Dr wessam Atif. . .

Fadi Khalife says:

Thank you dear, thank you so much, it's really helpful


Asslam Walaikum Atif Sir, can you provide me the imp. Question of IGC 1 (element 1,2,3,4,5) ..??
which should i concentrate more on dat.. nd get prepered for my IGC1… please reply soon.. i m counting on your reply..:)
and the videos are awesome nd much helpful..:)

Vlatka Vanić says:

Hi, if you have an OUTLINE question and you just IDENTIFY in the answer do you still get some points ?

Prince Ks says:

thank you

localpeaceguy says:


Geshom Lupenga says:

very good presentation hope it will help me.

sasalocombe says:

However, I hace one little and big problem.
 Could I get a clear defination of what NEBOSh wants as an "OUTLINE" answer??

 i ask this because Wessam Atif says we should use the bullet and a colon to give the features  while other sites advice that we paragraph our answers. 

 Its really confusing.

Ben Andrew says:

i really appreciate this video. you are awesome bro.

jonkawasaki says:

Exelent advice

fadi seifan says:

how do they announce the result of the exam s?

Abubaker Bilal says:


kichu sajeevan says:

Thank you sir, thank you so much, it's really helpful. 

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