Fire Safety Tips w/ Daasuke

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After seeing a Minecraft live stream video go wrong thanks to a fire, James takes a closer look at Daasuke’s response to flames in his room.

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一草 says:


宮下 says:

いや消化の方法がありえないほど間違ってるのは分かるけど、実際この状況になってめっちゃ焦ってる時に冷静な対応できる人もそうそういないと思う。笑 笑い声もスピーカーの言ってることも聞いててイライラする。

鈴木一郎 says:


Girls Only says:

this is the first time i hear her speak…. i am in love

Gmayor61 says:

He didn't even mention the best part. That sack of tissues? He used all of them to wipe out the gasoline that spilled on the oil match lighter.

mintsponge says:

james corden is not funny

saltygrave1 says:

he is a disgrace to our country ”JAPAN” ( ;∀;)

Achmed says:


金子スペイク says:

All japanese people is fool.
like this man.

ガンダルラダガ says:


稲田遥 says:

ウシロー ウシロー

Batman's Dragon says:

This is like, the coolest story I've ever heard of.

シラス says:


osakaboyz says:

Who is that looks_like_BinLadin musician?

odi san says:


1 water bucket will flow a large amount of water (minecraft rule) …no way.

清涼飲料水 says:


Buddha says:

This actually happen to me when a gust of wind from the window blew the candle fire and started a fire on the wall

The thing I did was take a shirt
Wet it and roll it
And start slapping the fire with the wet towel or shirt it will force the fire to stop

Good thing I played that smash the beaver's head with a hammer game at the carnival when I was young because that was exactly what I did to the fire that was spreading with my wet towel

Some of the small pieces which were on flames flew onto my arm and I got burn marks

I did not have a fire extinguisher and if I had waited for the firemen to come my parents home would have burned down

WeirdFacebook says:

Playing minecraft at age 40 -harassment Live streaming minecraft -Harassment? Showing off an oil match lighter
-Saying that was also kinda unnessescary…

Hermione Green says:

and watch all the butthurt commenters flood the comment section..I guess now we know the age and sex of the average troll.. XD

ジョニーマイケル says:

This is Japanese rock 'n' roll.

Laurence says:


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