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Rodolfo Bugna says:

unsafe work always be used

hernande gomes says:

olá meus amigos eu também sou montador de andaime aqui em Camaçari BAHIA no brasil e gosto do meu trabalho só que estou desempregado no momento,vir que o formatos das chaves os modelos são diferentes. this is ocupation I like

Phil Maplesden says:

fucking hell what a start lol

mahadevan arunachalam says:

This is very good move for whoever work at height

mahadevan arunachalam says:

This very advice for whoever woke at height

Garamucabe Pth. says:

why don't you show us how men falling using the full body harness?? lol …

Fridebalda Banda says:

Superb Video! Got something to learn about working at Height!

Dan Turner says:

Thank you for all feedback on this video.  It has made a positive impact upon many people and brought about awareness to this crucial area of safety.

Patrice Azap says:

Effets spéciaux de qualité

Jennifer Vistal says:

Fact: The workplace where the most accidents happen is the construction site…and the number one workplace killer is falling from height.

hari nbr says:


Anbu Anbu says:

supper    vidoes

Sajol Kumar says:

Work safety go home safely

Prakash regunatharao says:

working at height

Damian Chung says:

great video

GirlFeetSniffer4U says:

I love the screams as they fell. Lol. Then. Splat!

David Woods says:

Nice to see Ian has ''EVENTUALLY'' accepted his accident was his own fault.

Trusten1984 says:

OBS: Safety First !

Sydney Anchor Points says:

Very good video. Thank you.


Please remember , before start the height work . Job supervisor should be conduct tool box talk and used fall protection  

Immanuel Sueken says:

Please remember, body harness is the last defensive equipment. Only your safety behavior can save your life, perform last minutes risk assessment to ensure you are in safe up there. If doubt, never try! All Procedures must be complied, remember that many souls waiting for your coming home safely. Keep up your best effort in safety at height! GB

Pankaj Singh says:

Safety rules to be respected as GOD and it is to be remembered even before.

ilayaraja dce says:

Safety is god

Raman Ks says:

All Construction worker must follow safety .

Joaquim Puati Futi says:

What will be my contribution in family if I get hurt, Zero. Therefore try to cooperate with safety policy at your work site because your safety its everyone's benefit.I always wonder to return home safely. 

Joaquim Puati Futi says:

Returning home safely it's my and your resposibilities to follow all safety procedures before commencing any task at your job location.

Joaquim Puati Futi says:

whenever you want to perform a certain jobs at site there's always time to do it right, when you consider that anything can happen if I am not using a proper safety gears, it is your responsibilities to wear all available equipment provided by company. 

Splendidsketchshow says:

please email for details.

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