Kanye West Hospitalized For His ‘Own Health and Safety’ After Week of Rants and Cancelling Tour.

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Kanye is sooo annoying all he does is run his big ass mouth,

Nicholette Casey (Nikki) says:

I bet someone in the audience called 911 when he started going off on his Donald Trump rant. "What? Did he say he was gunna vote for Trump? Oh hell naw, I'm calling 911 on this fool right now. He crazy,"

Smita says:

"He is all over the f..n place", he is doing music still at a very high level, lots of it, or whatever Akademiks said was that he is doing a ,lot of music, good music, but maybe I am not informed, because i haven't seen anything popping on YouTube, and I watch rap videos, freestyles, , and YouTube is listing all those new things, but nothing new from Kanye that got my eyes or ears on? I will search right now, after commenting, not before, so if I am wrong, than I am wrong, but the way I feel it, I have been even thinking recently that Kanye diapered.. Nothing new, like a huge hit single as he used to drop! Heartless,The bloody diamond, golddigger….

william Johnson says:

hes not jus going crazy cuz kim k or music or w.e the fucc scenerios you said dj akademiks its more than that hes seeing the truth of this corrupt society (illuminati) and hes expressing his self hes not just ranting bullshit ona a stage. Use ya head if you going to be doing video updates on this people lifes and not just bash them and say they going crazy

Nic West says:

Forced into the hospital against his owe will. That's kidnapping.

Rich Evans says:

hey DJ. Great commentary. Except for one thing. Regardless of perceived past or present misdeeds Kim is someone's wife, daughter, and mother. there's better ways to journalistically describe why she isn't the best to have around for stress relief. IJS, w/ 100k+ subscribers and millions of views/viewers, keep it professional without giving up the edge of what your commentary brings to your audience. you don't want to count yourself out from opportunities to grow the show or your on air personality (even as you grow and evolve)…. but good shit though. frfr.

kidprep says:

Fuck was that banshee scream? Sounded like he smoked about 30 thousand cigs in 6 minuets

RealNPoetic says:

I just keep thinking of how MJ was in and out of the hospital right before he died and how the media try to paint it as he was crazy smh… I hope history aint repeating itself here

Dimensions100 says:

I wonder if he realized how much of an evil thing Trump is and that led him to the hospital…Donald's a liar.

Darriell Martin says:

He miss his mother

Alan says:

She probably not even sucking cock right im screaming

ArnoldFTW97 says:

Ye is strong ! He will get through this he should just lay off music and all that and just chill for few months

Quakeinc14 says:

And again Kanye was telling y'all the truth in that rant but none of you will respect it. Everything Kanye said in that rant was a rift in the Matrix. Just like Kanye said. "The vibes is back."

anthony shareef says:

Dj akademiks stop smokin crack u becket nigga

Stop Feeling Old says:

#Imperial stats He's on too many drugs. @Allen Berry

Allen Berry says:

Kanye is not crazy the things he been saying are true and is exposing what's going on in the world today they're making it seem like he's crazy and Kanye says he's not crazy he is trying to fight it don't ya know the media and music industry is corrupt

PG says:

Kanye and Kim seem to have a happy relationship but wtf do they talk about!?

lolman11 ciccaciao says:

they hospitalized him because he voted trump fucking liberals fascist

the courior says:

i hope they put him down soon

Miguel C says:

Fuck this nigga i hope he goes crazy and dies!

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