NEBOSH Diploma Practice Exam Question – Fault Tree

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NEBOSH Question from Unit A on Fault Tree Analysis – Please view in Full screen for best results

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Bob Coughlan says:

Really Helpful.

Mish R says:

Do you have video of event tree as well?? Thanks

Mish R says:

really helpful…now I feel confident ….keep it up mate

Marvels Chiyava says:

thanks for the help.makes sense now.felt like i was in class….

Craig Briggs says:

Just one correction. According to Boolean Algebra which should be applied to FTAs for PRAs, the Idempotent Law states A+A=A
Assigning alphanumeric values to the basic events:
a1 = Level Detector
a2 = Electrical Fault
a3 = Pressure switch
a4 = Relief valve
The cut sets would be:
Low water = (a1+a2) 
Overpressure = (a2+a3+a4)
Boiler explosion = (a1+a2)+(a2+a3+a4) = a1+a2+a2+a3+a4 = a1+a2+a3+a4 
therefore = 1+0.5+1+0.5 = 3 (not 3.5)

If the electrical faults are unrelated then it needs to be specified. Hope this helps.

Eswaran K says:

how to download this video

chaitanya addala says:

hallo ,
this video is very helpful 
i have few doubts?
* can the events in AND gate occur simultaneously?
*Do FTs express causation?
*what is meant ny boolean logic xactly?? 

Sacid Erdem says:

very useful, thanks.

reana hackette says:

Do you offer this course on line ?

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