Cooling A Heat and Drought Stressed Lawn :: Day Watering

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Will watering at mid day high heat burn your lawn like a magnifying glass? You guys keep asking about heat stress and drought stress so here are some strategies to help cool the lawn down! and a few rumors put to rest as well.
Video on drought recovery from 2012:
Get your own soil thermometer here:
Gilmour Items used in this vid:
Flexogen Hose
Thumb Control Nozzle:
Pattern Master Impact Sprinkler


Joyce Brown says:

How much water do you recommend for clay soil? How often would you suggest to water this type of lawn ( soil ) during a drought ?

Patrick Hicks says:

were those planters full of weeds? for shame

BWJOHN04 says:

I reckon I'm pretty hesitant about the decision to start watering at all, ever. With all that messing around with the hose and sprinkler placement positioning and re-positioning, and putting the hose away, I think the total time dedicated to keeping it watered as recommended would be close to the combined hours of mowing, fertilizer treatments, and killing/preventing weeds put together.

Clayton Nichols says:

Allyn, why is it so good to use the impact sprinkler? I thought those were best used for irregular lawn shapes….school me with your LCN knowledge. Is it better than your typical side to side sprinkler if you have rectangular shaped areas?


Just subscribed! Two Vids in and your videos are awesome!

Marcia Gilmore says:

Hi, I live in Detroit, Michigan and my hold yard is brown so just like the rest of my neighbors I let the lawn go dormant. My question to you is it to late to green it back up??

The Landscaping Employee Trap + Window Cleaning says:

Yes dude. This is happening everywhere.

awesome vid man.

jade swagdaddy says:

@LCN: You advise to "mist" the lawn in between watering days. Wouldn'tdoing that discourage deep root growth because the roots don't have to go as deep to seek water? Have learned a lot from your vids and have become a lawn care nut myself!

slowfaller says:

chicago has gotten a good amount of rain recently which made me remember that I threw start fert down in June, greened up pretty nice. Today I threw down an app of Milorganite for an extra boost after spraying for weeds on Monday.

socomon69 says:

have your tried Hydretain?

Valley Girl says:

went on vacation. neighbor said they would cut the grass. neighbor cut grass after a long rain of many days. came home to short shaven green grass with all burned tops and all of the grass lying on top of the lawn. whats worse? long green grass, or burned grass.

guyfoxe says:

is there a good time to mist everyday?

Jason White says:

Any tips and strategies for Empire Zoysia lawn down here in Florida?

Gabriella Roberts says:

The reason this works is due to evaporative cooling. Water evaporating requires a lot more heat (latent heat) than if it was to just stay as a liquid and increase in temperature by taking sensible heat from the ground. Also why it is best to remove wet clothes when cold, because sensible heat from your body will be used to evaporate the water from the wet clothes.

James Krivitsky says:

Hi Allyn, you mention about watering during the daytime…lawn burn myth. What is your take on watering at night myths….moisture mildew and the like ? JK

DeLana Cokley says:

<——- This is how I watch your vids LMBO. You need a show on HGTV asap! Love your choice of music too!

William Carter says:

Allyn Paul; do you have some knowledge about central Colorado lawn care above 7000 feet?

Rivendell Rivendell says:

Thanks Bro.
Question: – How would you deal with Nutsedge & Crab Grass in a Brumuda Grass Lawn?

e says:

What if you have 100 plus heat with heat index 110 with low amount of clouds for 2 weeks straight. how do you water then

armando79 says:

Love your channel! informative and entertaining content. subscribing and getting ready to dominate my neighbors!

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