Baby Stops Breathing in Traffic on Highway, Woman Gives CPR; Saves Baby’s Life

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Like any veteran news shutterbug, when Al Diaz spots trouble on the road he reaches for his camera.

But when he saw a desperate woman jump out of her SUV in Miami on Thursday and scream for help as the baby in her arms turned blue, Diaz reached for help.

The Miami Herald photographer ran among cars along the Dolphin Expressway and found a Sweetwater cop in his patrol car. Diaz told him about the baby who had stopped breathing.

“As a photojournalist you want to capture these images, but as a human being you want to get help,” Diaz told the Daily News on Thursday night.

The officer, Amauris Bastidasy, and Diaz raced over to the distraught woman, Pamela Rauseo, 37. The cop took over the CPR effort on Rauseo’s nephew, 5-month-old Sebastian de la Cruz, from Lucila Godoy, 34, another motorist who had stopped to help.

Together, Bastidasy, and Godoy got the baby breathing. And then to their horror, Sebastian stopped breathing again.

More emergency responders had arrived, including Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s hazardous-materials unit.

“Everybody got there in seconds, it seemed,” Diaz said.

Godoy and the emergency workers started another round of CPR and got little Sebastian breathing before emergency responders arrived to take him to a hospital. Rauseo said the child had been born prematurely and suffered breathing problems.

The baby was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition.


Rachel Rojas says:

Bendito Dios q estuvo ese angel q lo salvó 😪🙌🏻😇

Kaydee Baker says:

good job

MusketeerinFlorida says:

Thank God this wonderful woman was so observant and TRAINED to respond to an emergency. I fear too many would have panicked. She is a hero! That little boy is adorable! I'm so glad he is alright!

William Johnson says:

God bless this women and her nephew for saving the life of a baby that had a long life ahead of him.

hifhgui says:

como quisiera ser ese bebe

Hugo Machado says:

If I save a baby life this will be the best reward ever 0:13

Jessette Lobato says:

Omg that sad

goktimusprime says:

Everyone should learn First Aid.

I've only ever had to use it once (hopefully never again, knock on wood)
I was in a Kmart when a random guy collapsed having a seizure. I rolled him into a recovery position and directed Kmart staff to grab some nearby cushions to support his head. I directed another Kmart staff member to call 000 for an ambulance who came pretty quickly. I left the scene when the paramedics arrived.

bob roberts says:

Maybe its too much Investigation Discovery but Munchausen by proxy.

SakuraFoxFurry says:

Should have just let it die.

Kaley Woodcox says:

cpr should be manditory for everyone

Howard Wells says:

Made me tear up….you can still see how emotional she is, even trying to calmly tell the details of what happened. I can't imagine…but Aunt of the Year goes out to her and for letting her instincts take over…always listen to your gut..bless this family

Debbie Wessig says:

Your my hero, hot mess and all. 😇

wph1138 says:

cpr should be required jr high school.

LadiVersatile says:

So in Tears

coffebug says:

my 10yo son has a people saver cert which is a child's first aid cert , they are made to learn it in primary school.

ReactionPUTH says:

I learned how to do cpr

reasy1978 says:

Way to go tia! :-)

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