Boom Truck Crane Cooks After Power Line Connection

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With the boom extended out near power lines the boom truck crane sits cooking on the ground – engulfed in flames it cooks down within minutes. Even the ground smokes as electricity spreads through the soil. Strangely, the boom seems a safe distance from the power lines and when there is a visual it shows no electrical arch.


Jovetj says:

Finally! Someone with some common sense who says to NOT look at the electric arcs!

Matthew Palmer says:

my trainer showed this video and said that two people were killed they did the investigation on it. yikes makes you think twice

2fas4uSTI says:

its not the boom that is touching, its the winch line

gregg4164 says:

Who was the dumb mother fucker who had that crane that close to the overhead wires in the first place. stupid shit. He's lucky if he survived this.

kleetus92 says:

I guess nobody saw the cable touching the wires at 2:02?

Tommy Boy71 says:

So much for stray voltage doesn't exsist.

Igor Chudov says:

А чему, интересно, тебя в школе учили? Это слово пишется "долбоебы"

DeathToAllFaggots .AndTheirDumbassRights says:

@ Raymond Ashby if people are too stupid to know to stay far away from something tangled in a power line let em die. Odds are they'd simply get a good shock to the crotch if they got within 20-30 feet of it from rings of death (a voltage gradient on the ground, enough zap you good if you take big steps and have 200v between your feet). Hopefully after that they'd get a clue. As far as using the phone to call the fire dept why would they do that and ruin a video (or not record it). Let it burn so they can record it. The fire dept won't do shit with an electrical fire like this anyway. They'd get there and probably record it with them until power was cut.

Алексей Гладков says:

тупорылые дебилы больше ничего и не скажешь в школе походу учат в носу ковырять да принтером пользоваться $ печатать долбаебы 

Raymond Ashby says:

Smart work boys – just stand there and film it with your phone.   Don't bother warning other people to keep away from the danger.   Don't bother using the phone to call the Fire Dept.  IDIOTS

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