First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

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Music video by First Aid Kit performing The Lion’s Roar. Wichita Recordings Ltd., under exclusive license from Jagadamba


Odi00001 says:

reminds me of Dylans North Country Blues

Sun Warrior says:

Thank StarClan for introducing me to this

YouRoby1 says:

……. "Da quelli che predicano e pregano e insegnano"…. testo originale

ali ramazan acar says:

ohaa çok iyi lan insanın içini rahatlatiyor

jack 77 says:

i feel like this would fit well in an episode of the walking dead

Emrullah Karahan says:

Şarkının adı tove lo habits

mrsvle says:

Weird shit because, ya know…weird.

Sany Math says:

it kinda scary but I like it

TheLizpin says:

Beautiful voice

OkamiTomoyo :3 says:

House Lannister anyone?

Artisankat Stud says:

This is essentially a Townes Van Zandt song / tribute. Singing style, musical style, etc.

stu trumbo says:

I know u will all enjoy

stu trumbo says:

after all that check out the staves mexico

Kristiano Ronalto says:

I do estimate you both that much!

Carlos Ramos says:

Finally found this song!!!! XD


won't be long before ya hear it again creature .for the last time

habilun yang says:

so beautiful…

MusicControlsMyLife1 says:

3:28 love the camera work over here, how they stand there, it just fits that part of the song really well. Still in love with this song after all these years.

Herrie Nonsens says:

just lover their songs

Emily Harrington says:

Does anyone know what it is they're carrying in the procession?


Pandora box be no good

Igor Strelnikov says:


Özge atik says:


CrystalPuppy CP says:

Ah! I listen to this when I write my stories :3 ~

CrystalPuppy CP says:

Something about this song grabs me and makes me… I know I'm weird, but makes me want to become a wolf… And then live in the wild.

Erdal Ertaş says:

Dengê wan zahf xweşe. U biji biji hevalan :)

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