Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation (Open Captions)

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This is the full text version of this very funny but whip-speedy monologue of the Southwest flight attendant who got on the Ellen Show in April of 2014. I do this version for my deaf friends because the automatic closed captioning on the other videos is no good.

Update: Yes, I know there are two kinds of peals/peels. I tried very hard to use correct spelling and grammar and punctuation but even with the aid of the computer’s spell & grammar checkers, I missed that one. Once a youtube video has been uploaded, it cannot be edited or replaced. It can only be deleted. Is it worth losing this link and all the stats & comments just for an “e”? I don’t think so. And who knows? At 30,000 feet – maybe bananas make sounds …the deaf will never know!


Panchai Tongfahchailai says:

Thank you so much

saintquinn007 says:

This blonde flight attendant is a beauty…She must get hit on constantly…

Pink Truck Designs says:

Laughing is so darn fun! Thanks for sharing with everyone!

GregoCatal says:

Thanks as well for the captions.

Yat Yeung says:

Thank you for doing this!

better2gether says:

Didn't she go on the amazing race

zestydude87 says:

Coolest thing ive seen all week….

Captpicard says:

So Americans DO have a sense of humour after all:-))

PAUL says:

I thought captions would help, but the jokes are said so stupidly fast that you dont get a chance for them to sink in anyway.

Ruth Lean says:

This is real. It happen to me when i fly from Ncal to LA. I thought this is really delightful to a boring trip. Thanks to Southwest Airline.

Serena H says:

sh'es awesome

jimwalsh2001 says:

Southwest sucks. Worst airline ever.

Dale Burrer says:

The Southwest Airlines stand up show, loved this one

Tigerman1138 says:

She is most rational, funny, and most good looking flight attendant I've seen in a long time.

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