Video: Putin flies with rare cranes in an ultralight

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Adorned in white overalls – to resemble a bird – Vladimir Putin spent some of Wednesday leading in a different capacity, heading a flock of crane birds in flight from a hand glider. The stunt already has the Russian blogosphere alight – STORY+PHOTOS


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NIjole Gintas says:

strannoe vyrazhenie lica u putina,kobuto obosralsia

kelvin giathi says:

Putin…The Patron of bad ass

Antonio Marchese says:

anche quest'anno le gru troveranno il sud. grazie putin!

Tazo o says:

We can only hope that once the that shitglider stops working and he falls for his death

jammadamma says:

кlбобз, hосh hесh! :)))  


Wow ,,,,,hahahahahahahahaha All rusians wathing this video before sleep.

meronmotors says:

If that glider crashed the ukraine would be alot safer and stable place today. Alot of dead people would also be alive. He seems to care about birds more then the people living in the ukraine

Chris Walters (Vaping with an ABI) says:

The name is Bond; Vladimir Bond..  

Ольга Киреева says:

Наш Отважный царь батюшка 😉 Боже, храни Царя 🙂 

Chris lel says:


Thomas Reynolds says:

So ridiculous.  

Ange H says:

How big is the plane's engine?

Ange H says:


KoruEcoSpa says:

Why couldn't they have jumped off a cliff & hang glided in silence like we did in New Zealand? I am sure the rare Cranes enjoyed the ultra noisy company "Not"

QueerAndUnplugged says:

I'm looking forward to seeing Putin talking with Jesus.

Brulluhman says:

5 cranes.. 4 cranes, 3 cranes, 2 cranes.. great rotor!

OttovonEarth says:

Hmm.. the power-hungry little man tests his leadership skills… It would be more challenging with rhinos in Africa tho'..

Kaela Creighton says:

I want my brain back.

Casper Gangster says:

If America sag under Putin, he loved her.

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