Adrian’s Last Day – Safety Training Video – Preventing Workplace Fatalities

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Adrian’s Last Day – Safety Training Video – Workplace Fatalities

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It is hard to find an accident that could not have been prevented.

Although it is often difficult to foresee every unsafe condition or potential hazard – training, constant vigilance and hazard awareness can prevent the vast majority of incidents and fatalities.

One way to recognize hazards and to raise safety awareness is to research past incidents and teach others about the factors that could have caused each accident.

Leaders in safety and risk management must impress workers that safety is more than just compliance – it is a personal responsibility. That is why toolbox talks and safety meetings must be held to help remind everybody – every day – that simple hazards cannot be ignored or taken for granted.

The health and safety of every worker depends on effective safety training and constant hazard awareness. Safety is a value that should be incorporated into every task.

In this short video we discuss a fatal accident that actually occurred in a workplace, and relate the factors and events that may have led to the worker getting killed.

Safety is important – it only takes a few seconds to turn an normal day into a life-altering crisis. Stay alert and stay safe.

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poosmate says:

Zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol in the workplace would go a long way to saving lives. Random DnA tests and mandatory DnA tests if an accident occurs which results in injury or damage to company property. Working for a company that has these policies has certainly opened my eyes to just how many people work under the influence of one or the other. And these people are driving large construction vehicles, operating heavy duty equipment and other people's lives depend on them being alert and doing their jobs properly. The added bonus for the company is that this policy is cheaper to implement and run than fighting unfair dismissal claims. People caught out usually resign for a better chance with possible future employers. i.e. it's better to say you resigned rather than you were sacked. I am confident now that the people driving construction vehicles around me at work are fit to do so. Yes they still drink, but in moderation when they have work the next day.


mounir kasdaghli says:

Well done mate 

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