Samsung “The Safety Truck”

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This initiative was created by Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires for Samsung’s Argentinian corporate office to promote road safety.


Teresa J. A. says:

So if the camera/tv malfunctions and somebody gets killed, here come the lawyers… then Samsung pulls them all off the road. Wait…that's in the USA.

jambrest says:

намного намного лучше если камера будет не в бампере на над лобовым.. дальность обзора очень сильно вырастет . а идея КЛАСС!

ClarityCreative says:

The screen on the back of the truck that shows the driver in the car behind it, what is in front o the truck is cool. @1:00.

Elijah Solar says:

and it works only in the evening..but idea is still great…..especially with ultrathin slim light waterproof dustproof industrial OLED-displays not less then 42 inches and ultruhigh defenition 3840×2160 pixels for ultraclear view..and wy not Hyundai Track Xient Trago…

Mike Kraetz says:

Stupid people over here would think that's the road in front of them, and plow right into the truck!

Ruslaneo Ruslaneo says:

Мега полезная штука, надо внедрять на законодательном уровне уровне.

Di Wu says:

most useless idea

Acuarios y Macro says:

aprendan a manejar , no se mamen y no se drogen y dejen de joder … despues los pelotudos te vienen a decir que no hablen por celular o no escuchen musica mientras manejas y cada vez le ponen pantallas mas grandes a los autos cosa que se la pasen distraidos , dejen de mandar mensajitos y mamarse y van a ver como habria menos choques , da MIEDO LA CANTIDAD DE MG ….!

ferhat kışanak says:

türkiyeye gelse aynı gece tv leri dorseden ayırıp çalarlar. sonra insan sinir hastası olur tır ı nasıl koruycam diye tutmaz o iş zor

joel tailor says:

What if Video lag for 10 seconds?

Λιο Ρα says:

that's we love Samsung !

Josef Bereneiter says:

Nádherné reklamní video , kéž by se takto bezpečně jezdilo i u nás v Česku …)

ogenmatic says:

Samsung should just have their drivers go faster!

gutteruth says:

Who ever translated this video needs to go back to school and learn better grammar… but good concept though. I'd like to see this technology available here in the U.S.; there is definitely a need for it on pretty much all of the 2 lane highways that are still in use here.

gutteruth says:

So almost one person dies? How does that work?

Bob Gregorchuk says:

A great idea!

skogsgud says:

Camera looks too low,should be on the roof of the Truck,

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