Construction Safety – Big Blue, construction crane disaster

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January 20, 2000: Video of the Big Blue crane accident that happened in the Brewer’s Ball Park Stadium on July 14, 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three men lost their lives in the accident. The world’s largest mobile crane comes crashing down during a new stadium construction. crane was operating under bad wind conditions, the sub-contractor was roushed to finish the project before certain date, he told the general contractor that was difficult to finish with those strong winds, so they hired another sub to finished it because the other sub refused to continue under those conditions.


RobotTheMarbleMan says:

Everyone watching this, this was fully explained on an episode called "MSNBC: Caught On Camera" , sadly 3 men died in a basket as you can vaigly see in the far back crane being suspended in the air. This stadium was built 2 years after the casualty and there is a memorial that greets the visitors on the way in.

Jesse Gomez says:

Stupid superior person now 3 men dead. 701 

ryan florio says:

OMG such a sad tragic accident RIP for the 3 workers in the basket and the guy that was in charge of the other crane that did nothing the one crane had fell and killer 4 people R.I.P

Soo Line says:

Those three bangs were the flanges that hold the boom upright to the pivot giving way. I was 4 at the time, so I can't remember where we were going, but I vividly remember driving by a few weeks before this happened. Big Blue was the biggest thing I had ever seen in my life.

jeff afe says:

fucking owned

cuzakuru says:

rip to the workers man dat was a bad accident!

Gary Christmas says:

The tearing sound and shear scene of this huge crane falling down is incredibly jarring to witness.

John Dorris says:

This is a colossal failure in regards to this, the world's largest mobile crane, to fall and kill those three men.

William T Mize Jr says:

Job Steward was along for the ride . The basket he was in was for flagging and observation. He had no reason to be in it!

Bailey Luszeck says:

its an interesting story. three other operators came to the site and refused to work that day because the crane is rated to handle no more than twenty mile an hour winds. the gust that blew the crane down was 18 miles an hour. the fourth operator immediately jumped out of the crane and went to the local bar across the street. They found him in there three sheets to the wind. Some theories are that he ran over so they couldnt prove he'd had a few before the accident.. Either way its tragic..

intelati49 says:

They are. This was just twenty times the expected stress.

DjViOd says:


dBrainChilD says:

Holy freaking sh*t this is scary

Jerry Mitchell says:

The guy video taping was an osha saftey inspector..

PlanetRockJesus says:

So sad. I think things like cranes and nuclear power plants should be built to ten times their rated capacity.

70umqua70 says:

What the fuck does he know about guy's doing real work? Forget about the narrator.

Daniel Cruz says:

Iron worker local 22 here ,sad for the lost of lives of our brothers IW that was just trying to provide for they'r families .


Wrong sir. Those deaths, while tragic, were a result of the sub-contractor making a decission to opperate the crane in higher that recomended wind speeds to make a deadline. NOT because of the sport of baseball or its governing body.

s. j. schwab says:


myrkirdia says:

Talibans have done that we must bomb Afghanistan, iraq and Pakistan

RebElPaso says:

The narrator could whatever the Fxck he wants. This is AMERICA!! REMEMBER?!?

amyers532 says:

horrifying video. My dad worked on Safeco Field (local 86) and thank Christ the contractor actually understood safety > scheduling. 

Dale Gottlieb says:

@Dame1999 shhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm trying to sleep now

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