HSE Coordinator Tool Box Talk

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Trinity Elbe TV-Room OmatiLandfall Site EPC2 LNG PNG Project



good information sir

Me Avila says:

some of the Indian now a days is fluent in English. ….ur induction is lacking to make the operatives aware in safety at site…

Me Avila says:

sir Paki ayos sa induction mo …parang kulang kapa sa external training..

Uray Pounds says:

Thats good safety, one step at a time.

Blanqa Mutter says:

Physically PIT. XD hahaha…

darma samuel says:

i love your indian accent

Redgie Gonzales says:

Why the Facilitor is not wearing the safety shoes, He is not a good example for HSE

Julius Jason Daria says:

im proud of u guyz.. Safety First guyz… hello sir federico giori i really mis all of you guyz

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