Funny Videos ☆Stupid people doing stupid things Compilation ☆ June 2015

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-Hack & backflip Fail Compilation! :
– Surfing, Fails – Video :
-Cats & Dogs Compilation!:
-Best Funny Fail Compilation :

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RED ROSE Alymani says:


Cool Calm says:

i disliked because of all the shit you have floating on the screen. CLICK THIS!! CLICK THAT!!! Click deez nuts motherfucker i can find better compilation vids without the headache.

TheSmreeder says:

It really sucks when you put up 6 different annotations up in the middle of the screen! ! !

Scizzor -gaming says:

7:11 no fucks given

MOR gueta says:

1:26 that was hilarious! especially with that music

Alvin John Pericon says:

song in 1:27? plz

slinky Low says:

i think you need another pop up on the video i think i seen some of it.


omg the cats face at 1:22

v lara0711 says:

The guy with the snakes is amazing

StupidGoddess says:

I did not laugh up until the last one. That one got me good !!

Tntmod54321 says:

The bird one is my favorite lol

Lumi Tudor says:

fime. ixx

wowforreeel says:

get rid of the overlays……….

Cronnic Creator says:

three watermarks… the hell?

I Surrender says:

3:32 GANGSTA….. lol

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