Training for successful passing the New CSCS Health and Safety test

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We are laborers on construction sites, holding green CSCS cards for Operatives.

Each one of us has worked more than a year with experience and we have knowledge how to help beginners and what/how they need to learn to pass the CSCS exam before to start working as a laborers.

We are created the present training to help beginners easily to learn and quickly to be prepared to pass the CSCS Health and Safety Test for Operatives, to get the green CSCS card and start working as a Laborers on construction sites.

We Guarantee
100% of all of our students were able to pass the CSCS test with the help of out exam preparation tool !!!

You have a greater chance to get a job in the construction industry!

All what you need to work on construction site as a laborer or site operative is to be qualified. Qualified means to achieve a Construction NVQ Level 1 (or SVQ equivalent).

Construction NVQ Level 1 (or SVQ equivalent) you can achieve only by passing the official CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test — for Operatives. The test includes most basic Health and Safety skills to work on construction site securely as a Labourer.

When you passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test — for operatives you can apply for a CSCS Green Card.

The Green CSCS Card contain your photograph, your name, your registration number and a CSCS Smart Card Chip. When the employer hires you, he can use the Chip on your Green CSCS Smart Card to check that you have the skill level for the position you are applying for.

Our CSCS test will help you to pass the official CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, get the Green CSCS Card and start working on a construction site!

While official CSCS Health and Safety test for Operatives on paper or CD is worth more than 12 pounds, now you can get our CSCS Training for of twice lower price — only for GBP 6.79. For your convenience you can pay securely for the Training trough Pay Pal with full buyer protection.

Immediately after your payment you will be redirected from PayPal to the web page with your user-name and password and can start learn immediately. The test is on-line based so you need to have only internet. You can use your user-name and password as many days as you need to be prepared for the official exam.

Do not waste your money to order the official test on paper or CD because our training is much cheaper. Secondly, do not waste your time waiting postman to deliver your parcel because you can start learn for the CSCS exam right now. It is not necessary to wait two days to receive the ordered CD or paper book.

We can to say our online based Training is equals to interactive book with advantages to check periodically how fast you learn and where you make a mistakes. By this way you will know which questions you should repeat and finally to be prepared for the exam on 100 %.

The present version of the product is 2.2 with last updates. Your order automatically subscribed you for next versions of the test in the next 3 months!

This product is separate developed Training, which will helps you to be prepared for all multiple-choice questions and answers and pass the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment test for Operatives. After than you can get green CSCS card for laborers and start working on construction site. Our CSCS test is developed from specialists who works on contraction sites almost two years and already had green CSCS cards and already passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment test for Operatives!

Our test includes the following 16 parts: accident reporting and recording; electrical safety and hand held tools and equipment; emergency procedures and first aid; environmental awareness and waste control; excavations and confined spaces; fire prevention and control; general responsibilities; hazardous substances; health and welfare; manual handling; noise and vibration; personal protective equipment; respiratory risks; safety signs and signals; site transport safety; working at height.

It is all what you need to be prepare to pass the official CSCS Health and Safety test for operatives! All questions and answers are inside and they are comfortably presented to be easily easily understood and remembered.

The following screen-shots shows you how our CSCS test looks like!

For more information please visit our web page


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