Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management Systems

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This is a short extract from Risktec’s HSE MS teaching module. It offers a brief look at the development of HSE management systems and the key elements of a good system.


S&W Technologies says:

A very informative presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Myname says:

I am studying Train engineering in Sweden
I will do my internships soon. I will do my job training (intership) in a very big train workshop. I will work with HSE in that workshop. I have no experience in HSE in this kind of enviroment so I really want go there well prepeared. What are the basic things to know ? what do you think I should learn,serach for or read so I can go there well prepeared. Thanks

John Chamberlain says:

What is the basis of National Ocupational Safety Association (NOSA) ratings

Wilfredo Gutierrez says:

Thank for sharing. Could you mention some HSE software please?

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