Electrical Safety: Crane Truck Contact

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In this video, a crane truck operator contacts a high-voltage power line. If this happens and you are not in immediate danger, stay put until help arrives. If you are in immediate danger, shuffle at least 10 metres away from the point of contact.


Slac adjuster says:

Oh man… a training video…thought I was gonna see some death and destruction

AVportau says:

poor video… bad operator and even worse foreman… if the ground was energised he'd already be down. most good work boots will provided insulation against virtually everything except a direct strike or standing in water. video says the ground is energised but the crane is no longer in contact with the power line. truck is a battery? count to 10 and there'd be no threat left coz nothing dissipates electricity like ground… what they don't say is the situation if the line separated and came down (but they show the constant contact shuffle), different surfaces like concrete, bitumen, grass, dirt… and increased risk with moisture or wet surfaces… so basically all this video says is don't use a crane near power lines and if you do then freeze and hope someone calls the power company so you can move again… please tell people where to correct things in the vid, like refuse to operate the crane in the first place until you have a spotter, and how to know if ground is possibly live… is the crane still in contact or lines down?… and if so, no, it's not safe to attempt to save your friend no matter how you feel, until help arrives and power cut.

LosRioDelMar says:

They just told us at a safety responders training to hop not shuffle lol which is it.

GrounDLifteR says:

Buy better shoes lol

C Salazar says:

muy buen video,,,, no sabia eso..gracias

Gurrumino65 says:

Interesante y educativo vídeo. Es un gran aporte a la humanidad.

WeShall4ttack says:

THOSE BEARDS <3 Also did they actually move a crane against a powerline so they could film this??…

Peter Mooney says:


Dave Tingler says:

this was shot very well.

Gaming guy says:

You could just turn those powerline off first

Blake Joyner says:

lol I would just hop on one foot.

Mr. Serhii says:

In this case it is called a "Step voltage", if wider your step then higher voltage you`ll get, very sneaky and dangerous thing.

jinn shinn says:

is it really safe to walk away from the energized ground if needed?

Tony Valdez says:

Nice video..but many workers not use brain and hit HV wires….

Magnus Wilén says:

So what does actually happen? Does the ground somehow get "charged"? I had no idea this situation still could be dangerous if the crane had lost the contact with the power line…

keeponrocking87 says:

great videos,im sure many workers will be safe because of your work.

Supakit Saksaringkan says:

Thank you. This is a new knowledge.

AvZ “Astatine” NaV says:

This is helpful for everyone. Who knows if a power line will down right next to you…

bob brawley says:

Wow , I knew if you were an operator in the vehicle then don't move but I never figured a remote operator standing near the crane would still be in danger 

Carlos Mgp says:

me gustaría tener este vídeo traducido, y así compartirlo con mis compañeros

KingsleyKingOfHV says:

Good video, the dangers of step potential should be known more widely!

Cor Blaak says:

Crane is lose so no contact ennymore

DeathToAllFaggots .AndTheirDumbassRights says:

No doubt another union idiot that probably can't even get his pay docked even though he probably did thousands of $ in damage to company property.

Ashley Spann says:

If the voltage is "bleeding" into the ground, there is a diminishing effect over distance.  For example, at 10 feet away from the crane, its at 10,000 volts.  At 15 feet away, its at 9,000 volts.  At 20 feet away it's at 8,000 volts, etc. until it finally reaches zero.  (Keep in mind it may be non-linear; this is just an example)   If he takes too big of a step, on foot could be at say, 9,817 volts and the other foot is at 8,945 volts.  The two feet now feel a difference, or voltage potential of 872 volts.  So the worker may accidentally provide another dissipation path, up one leg and down the other, just because his body spanned too large of an area while making a big step.  I hope this helps, 

Piotrkam1982 says:

Napięcie krokowe ! Step voltage ! 

lancelot1953 says:

Excellent videos, thank you for showing these for the benefit of the community, Ciao, L

marius serban says:

Aici este vorba de aparitia tensiunii de pas la atingerea bratului macaralei. Fiind de profesie electrician autorizat, recomand sa nu intrati in panica, ci sa iesiti din zona respectiva cu pasi marunti ca in videoclip.

Christopher Ryan says:

if you stay there and dont move, you are like a bird on a wire. if you dont follow the shuffling the energized area around you will kill you instantly.

dumass00072 says:

I suppose that's safer than hopping. Still don't know which paths the current took back to the source. Also don't know if it a Wye or Delta. Leaving out Information does no one any good. 

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