Safety: A Waste of Time! – Free Safety Training Video – Safety Meetings & Hazard Awareness

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Safety: Waste of Time! – Free Safety Training Video – Safety Meetings & Hazard Awareness

Aren’t all these safety meetings a big waste of time? C’mon, really! What are the chances I could get killed at work?

Don’t we have something else more important than all this safety training?

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In the U.S., for every 100 hundred thousand workers, more than 3 will die this year in a workplace incident. More than 3 of every hundred workers will get seriously injured or ill from a workplace incident.

So, should we make safety an important part of our work? Should we have toolbox talks, safety meetings and safety training? Does any of this “stuff” work to reduce accidents and injuries?

You bet it works!

For the past five decades, workplace deaths and injuries in the United States have dropped by more than 70%! And, research shows it is all due to a serious move toward adopting a formal safety program.

Better yet, those companies that have created a safety culture have seen an even greater drop, even a total elimination, of workplace accidents and injuries!

This safety training video discusses this important change in the world of safety, and makes it a point of understanding for everyone in your organization.

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