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You and Office Safety! is the most hilarious video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye-catching ice-breaker when delivering office safety training. Although the fashions have long-gone, and some of the behaviours in the workplace have changed, this program still addresses the following topics which are just as relevant today as when You and Office Safety! was made:

•Good Housekeeping
•Slips, Trips and Falls
•Manual Handling
•Electrical Hazards
•Fire Safety
•Correct use of Office Furniture
•Being Responsible for your Actions

Its easy to consider the office a perfectly safe work environment, and forget about the hazards that can exist. Just because you work in an office, it doesnt mean you shouldnt be concerned for your own health and safety, and that of your colleagues. Copyright Safetycare

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Edward Freeman says:

This video is definitely an A-Z of what not to do in the office.

Ram Verma says:

its a very funny mode of training on office safety.

holochron says:

So many sound effects seemed to happen back in the 50s, people just don't make these cool Bugs Bunny cartoon noises anymore 

chuck manson says:

I've been using doors for a number of years now and haven't had this problem.

AliciaLand says:

Welcome to the offices of Tripp, Klutz, and Hazard.  

M. Lee Smith (BigBadWolf) says:

Apparently, car crash noises and slapstick comedy were the chief source of non-productivity in my grandparents generation. ;)

sumesh palissery says:

this video very help full for avoiding such kind of happened at work place

Meester Val says:

So if I'm hazardous at work I have all the girls falling all over me? I like this!

Karen Bussell says:

This office is one of the most accident prone I've ever seen, really funny.

ugroove2this1 says:

"This pretty little thing"
not exactly pc these days

NASCAR48Fan1 says:

You know its great when they use car crashes for sound effects!

thatn00bmustdie says:

This is some final destination stuff right here….

Odinspirit says:

I love how the one guy always lands on top of a lady in a suggestive position everytime he

dennyboy40 says:

How does anyone get any work done around there?

Dussmasterzero says:

All these people should be fired lol

Flubber Flops says:

This seems old and corny but the basic lessons like paying attention to signs and reporting hazardous objects are still applicable to today's office settings.

The1andonlyAbber says:

A lot of these things have happened at my school, except for the stuff with hot coffee

Aaron Dawson says:

I would hate to work there :O

ThatGothicChick says:

Wow, that must have been really cold Coffee, that, or that guy has a REALLY high tolerance for pain. Workers, beware of wacky situational comedy and cartoonish sound effects in the work place!!!

oliva77 says:

Meanwhile, in the offices of The Three Stooges writing team…

CypherBlaze1 says:

That eficiency chart is hilarious! rofl

EdEddnEddyonline1 says:

Its a funny video

leadee2007 says:

Use the handrail signs are so important. I never think to use them if there's no sign.

Dean Du Pont says:

The Phil Silvers Appreciation Society presents…!

Lucas D. says:

did she say crippled?

Sara Louise Lawler says:

It is made in the 1950s

Renwoodpeaches says:

Looks more like its made in the 1950s

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