Environmental Health & Safety – Incident At ISTB1 Teaser Trailer

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Arizona State University
Teaser Trailer promoting the rebooted EH&S Lab Safety Program

Produced By
Student Media Creative Services: Daniel Dickson
Environmental Health and Safety: Michael Ochs, Alana Labelle

Directed By
Joseph Lao

Tania Aleman
Michael Ochs
Alana Labelle
Bruce Layton
Kristina Sabbagh
Scott Stine
Stephanie Martinez
Gordon Clark
Abraham Ntonya
Teena Dare
Eric Wheeler

Thank You! Haley Kosan!


Daniel Dickson says:

This video is the property of Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ and ASU Student Media. It is not intended for resale or profit. Please do not resyndicate, repurpose, or distribute this video for profit or alternative media without the expressed permission of ASU Student Media. 602-496-2165

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