Health and Safety

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We live in a health and safety crazy world. Every thing you do at school or work has to abide by health and safety, however… there are a few flaws.


hammyhog1 says:

Good info..

Mohammed kasifkhan says:

Welldone dear….

Security Consultant says:

I get your point.. good one!! OH&S

Matt99Bio says:

So can you minimize videos with swearing in them?

randomz257 says:

2:21-2:23 is like the funniest part of any video i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this it's all so true and you did your research. good job. 🙂

JelloDVDs says:

Wow this is so true. I can't beleive I never thought of this before!

Lillian loftis says:

I love your hair!

lennic95 says:

The fact that you are left handed makes you even cuter ^^

Keira Cox says:

Watching you ramble exhasperatedly makes me smile whislt doing homework:L

xtiredxemox says:

I have a really shitty back, and i'm also somewhat clumsy, especially when in pain, so i have a tendency to drop whatever pills i'm trying to take, but i have discovered that as long as you don't mind your knees hurting, you can just slam yourself down to a kneeling position. and then you can reach the pills. yeah.

MrAwesomeKT says:

why do you always flip the videos horizantaly

Valerie Smith says:

Press and turn isn't complicated, but I still have to open the bottles for my mum :3

BumbleBuzz says:

Natural selection strikes again XD

amyeloquence says:

You look a lot taller in this video. Just saying.

ADDMeetsInsomnia says:

Haha, nostalgia watching this video. I remember when my youngest sister was a baby she was obsessed with the cabinet under the sink, which is where my parents kept all the cleaning supplies as well. But instead of moving the chemicals somewhere else, my parents were always reminding us to keep an eye on her, which made her first years of life Hell for us, trying to keep up with her. Surely, it would have been easier just to move the chemicals up somewhere lol

Bretattech says:

I remember my mother telling me story about when I was young that one day she was having problems opening a medicine bottle that I walked up and told her I can do that. She thought what harm could it do I couldn't open the bottle, so she gave me the bottle and in seconds had opened the bottle and had given it back to her. So much for child proof caps.

Princess Jesus says:

and most kids cant even swallow pills at all!

Dimothyxx says:

oh my gosh, 2:23 is so adorable 🙂 Completely true, what you're saying 🙂 xx

LiteratiMuffin says:

Ahh, I remember the star ratings. Good times, good times.
"…Then we'll just put that down to natural selection." Brilliant. xD

Benji says:

Omg I remember trying to open cough medication and I couldn't open it D: it was so annoying!!! Dx it took me till my hand started to hurt Dx

iiNGRiiDPA0LA says:

How can you NOT favorite this?! HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT FOR FUCK SAKE! 😀

jhaetorian says:

i totally agree

anyway, bleach and other things kept under the sink are more toxic to children than ibuprofen
ibuprofen (usually drugs measured in mg but not all) have this wide range of overdose which mean that taking 3 or 5 or 10 in a day wont necessarily mean that it'll overdose u


Ibuprofen don't have aspirin content but both are NSAID

Aspirin has an anti-platelet effect (Decreases platelet count – may cause bleeding esp. in children who has urticaria or flu)

Di'mond Qai says:

i love your videos!!!! where are you from?! x

brogan hourne says:

u look ill bbz

skinstarrr says:

lol u're paranoid xD

thecoolestbeanintown says:

It really irritates me when people say pacificly. SPecifically :S besides that – lol
Dettol protects. Fact. Apart from when you eat it.

Charlotte Footman says:

Dis is de cupboard dat I was talking about XD I love your voice! <3

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